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 no life in usa

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Posted on 01-24-06 3:53 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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when i was in nepal i used to think if i go to U.S. i will do this...i will do that..i will earn this much..spend here and there...but after coming here...life is just getting busy...starts my day with class than work all evening till midnight...and sometimes i just don't fill like working that why i have quit more than 5 works.....i am just waiting for 1 year when i will be usa citizen an d all my family..i miss nepal..a lot...from frens to relatives to chatpate bhaiya..
The postings in this thread span 4 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 01-29-06 2:29 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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FountainDew, I don't know why you assumed that i'm working full time in a gasstation, struggling with studies and working 18 hours a day. I'm not doing any of that. Also, I was lucky enough that I did not have to do any of those when I was in college.However, I feel sorry for younge brothers like you who had to work 18 hours a day in the summer( Illegal too, wasn't it?) Why? why did you not come in masters like most Indians in my department did and received Teaching and research assistanceship? When you were busting your balls working 18 hours a day( chu chu chu) they were visiting home and having fun taking tours with their money saved from thier assistanship. Yes, you're right. We need to be proactive. And we need to think smart like Zalim Singh said. That is exactlywhat i've been saying. But you and other pumpus self proclaimed ,successful- hardworking - proactive Nepalis, do not see my point although I repeated it several times in this thread and in other threads . I am not saying don't come to USA foo. I am saying come here for masters where funds are available most of the time. I am saying come here prepaired loco. Doesn't that mean be "proactive" ? I am saying come here with enough research done in advance. Also,come here with good resource , whether it is fund, scholorship or personal finance. That is what I am trying to say. And don't know why you hard working, proactive Nepali who also worked 18 hours a day and worked in a gas station to go through school would not like to give out some realistic outlook of life here as an F1 undergrads to the dying to come here Nepali students. It is funny in way that i have to come and explain my simple point to such educated US graduates. Is awaring someone a crime? or are you guys so touched because your reputation of being successful among far living Nepalis is hurt by thread like this which potrayas real situation in the USA? Maybe people are trying to go Nepal and get married or and don't want anything bad about USA to be brought up.. hmmmmmmmmm Well good luck brothers.. and peace and love
Posted on 02-26-06 3:44 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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wtf, was that because i started making sense ho? (O:
Posted on 02-26-06 4:11 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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.common guys... its shivaratri.. and i haven't forgotten my nepalese culture and i have a life in usa, even if i am still so poor... . .
Posted on 02-26-06 3:49 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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please USAGAL tell me how u got the citizenship for US....i would be happy to get one....kati ramailo hunthyo ni sacchai....
Posted on 02-26-06 4:22 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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get married with american dude.
Posted on 02-26-06 5:14 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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So USA girl i don't quite understand,what you are trying to say. U are going to get citizenship isn't that ur option if you want to take it or not.. even though u are the citizen, door of nepal is always open for you.... testo kura gare ra ta bhaye na ni nani....
Posted on 02-26-06 5:26 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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until nepal is a republic, i shall not let my nepalese citizenship go away from me... i shall always be a nepalese, but i deny citizenship of republic nepal... i would rather be somalian than a subject of a republic nepal...
Posted on 02-26-06 7:32 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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jaathi harule bhau nai didaina street boy!!! kasari mamila fit garnu???
Posted on 02-26-06 10:54 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Do Not Relinquish Your Dream I am from an economically depressed and deprived area of Manang, where I lived with a sense of hopelessness. My village was surrounded by a mountain range and had no transportation system. Every day, I walked one hour to school and one hour back to my village from school. We lived in a one-bedroom house without any electricity. My father died when I was fourteen years of age. My mother died when I was fifteen years of age. At the age of sixteen, I left my village and moved to Katmandu to complete my dream of education. In Katmandu, I became homeless. I could not find a job; nobody helped me and no body believe me, because I was too young. I had no money to buy food. In fact, I survived many days in the street without eating any food. After spending about six months of my life in the streets, I finally found a job at the KC restaurant in Thamel. I worked at the KC restaurant as a dishwasher, where I had a dream of owning a restaurant someday. I had an opportunity to come to the United States in 1983. It was like a dream for me, when I first came to the United States. I completed my high school and undergraduate education in Washington State. I moved to St. Louis in 1992 to complete my graduate education. My Master’s and Doctorate’s degree training in public health and my many years of professional work experience with chronic disease prevention and health promotion have further reinforced my earlier dream of owning a restaurant. After the reflection and redefining of my dream, I opened the Everest Café in February, 2004. Everest Café is the first and only Nepalese restaurant serving in the St. Louis. The mission of Everest Café is to have every customer who comes through our door leave impressed. We are committed to accomplishing our mission by: ·Providing nutritional and well-prepared meals. ·Using only quality ingredients ·Maintaining a clean and comfortable environment for our customers ·Ensuring that all customers are treated with the respect, friendly and professional service ·Thanking each customer for the opportunity to serve them. We have been in operation only two years, but we are voted for the best “Vegetarian” and “Healthy in 2004 and 2005. My next dream is to open a shelter serving children and women who are poor and suffering as I was. I feel very lucky that I live in this country, because America is the land of opportunity. My message is that do not relinquish your dream, because I truly believe that anyone in America can grow up to be a successful person. All it takes is a little hard work and determination. I am able to complete my dream in this country, but not in Nepal.
Posted on 02-27-06 9:45 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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...There ya Go...All we need is few inspirational stories like that of States2006....I'm happy for you States2006......Let me get off of Sajha and get back to work !
Posted on 02-27-06 10:17 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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States2006, yours is really inspirational story. Thank you very much for sharing it with us. BTW, I am also from Moran and I guess the place that you have described is Letang or Kerabari or Rajarani or somewhere there. I am just curious. I felt great to know the successful story of a fellow from home district. Also, Managing academics and restaurant both at the same time is pretty tuff, isn’t it? Good Luck.
Posted on 02-27-06 10:45 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nut: Thank you. I am very thankful about my past strugles. Although, I was poor and had no support system around me, but I never underestimated myself. It has been very humbling experience.
Posted on 02-27-06 11:22 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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states2006, Thank you so much for the heart touching yet the best ending story. SO many times we thinks dreams only come true in the movies but you are a true and good example. Good luck ( though I do not believe in luck) and all the best to you
Posted on 02-27-06 11:30 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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wow wht an inpirational story frm states2006. i wanna know more how did u get to come here plese tell us more abt ur experiences. i m not trying to be nosy but i like hearing successful stories cuz these days all ppl do seems like is complain.
Posted on 02-27-06 2:27 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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states2006, really that was a heart-touching story and inspirational for many as well....all the best for your future plans of opening a shelter and hope that I could contribute to it someday
Posted on 02-27-06 5:51 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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States2006 dai or should I say uncle, what a concidience meeting u here, well not really a concidience, everybody comes here. I had heard your story and have met u too, but never in your own words. Of course u don't know me, I mean know a Meera, there's no real person by that name. Anyways, when u open a shelter lemme know and I will run it. My dream is to open something anything for the ladies in remote areas of Nepal, am waiting for the whole army-maoist thing to clear up. They say dreams do come true, sometimes. Phew I am lucky, unlike USAgirl, I don't have any bf to earn for. One qs though, if u r a citizen, why don't u sponsor for him? I like to think there's life in the US but then that could only be me.
Posted on 02-27-06 6:38 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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hello meera... very inspiring things from you... are you in US or Nepal? My friend's wife who spent a few years in Nepal and speaks nepalese fluently. she is a nurse in bellingham, wa. she wants to start some kind of project for nepalese girls who are expoited in brothels and those who are deprived of opportunity to progress... if you have started something about it, she would be very happy to join your forces... she is talking with maiti-nepal and a few organizations, but nothing positive has been found for the things that she wants to do.. like you said, the politics will be have to be stable before you can start anything, however you can plan it out now... there are lot of things that you can prepare and then implement them when ready... i don't know her email but his is : nishesshrestha@gmail.com. she has asked our help but due to lack of knowledge in that field, i can only do a little for her... she goes to nepal once a year to learn something/anything about what she can do... very very very enthusiastic about making a difference for rural nepalese women... you may email me if you have q's.. well anyone can email me... if you have suggestions/opinions/idea... sujanks@gmail.com
Posted on 02-27-06 11:58 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hello Sujanks and Meera: I am planning to visit Nepal by next year. It is very possible to collaborate in order to deliver services for children and women who are poor and suffering. My email: statesdg@slu.edu OR states2006@yahoo.com. Sujanks, are you in Seattle? I visit Seattle at least x2/year.
Posted on 02-28-06 10:29 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Just wanted to add a few words to that. I think life is what you make of it be in Nepal or USA. I hear people whining life being difficult everywhere. Life is not easy...plain and simple. You have to work for what you want. I have a lot of respect for this country. I came here when was about 22 when to undergrad in WC. The only thing I came here was with my tution fee and 1500 that you are allowed to take. The first two semesters I did not do well and wanted to experience every thing...after that I put my @$$ down, moved to north east and started going to school and working full time. It was difficult..managing work, school and an active social life. . finally I finished my AA, BS and now MS and fortunatelyI dont owe a dime in student loan. I worked very hard I wanted to give up many times in the process I gave up a lot but now I have managed to own some properties work full time and life is still demanding but I cant complain about it. I am trying to set up funds to re-build schools in Nepal...so I would say I have been blessed. Those who sit on their @$$ and whine about life...believe me I have seen such others go through worse and be movers and shakers today.....
Posted on 02-28-06 11:03 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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did i miss the question of define life by any chance?

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