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All Hindu Sisters Please Read This

Bina is a daugther of a Hindu family of Bangladesh. She felt in trap of a muslim boy named Rasel. Rasel trapped that girl and was about to convert her. Then Pronoy noticed it. The girl removed her faith o

ption from the facebook profile.

Pronoy asked her,“Will you convert to Islam?”

She replied,“Love is more important than religion.”

Pronoy asked,”Then why dont your partner convert to Hinduism?”

Bina got a shock. She never thought in this way. She was silent. Then Pronoy showed 10 contradictions and dark side of Rasel’s faith and explained why it can not be a peaceful faith. He showed Bina the vastness of Hinduism. Eventually Bina understood and broke relationship with Rasel. She will now marry a hindu boy.

This is a true story. The names of the subjects have been change due to privacy.

For one looks at the Vedic concept of marriage, amply reflected (though not fully) in Hindu Marriage laws:

a. All rights are equal for husband and wife.

b. If one beats her wife, and wife complains, the husband has to face jail.

c. Divorce is not unilateral. Both husband and wife are on same footing. A woman has rights to reject her husband if he commits adultery or indulged in nefarious acts.

d. Polygamy and adultery(temporary or permanent) are illegal and not acceptable.

e. There is no dress constraint, except that one should not wear a dress that attracts immoral attention.

f. Property rights are equal.

g. Rape cases reply primarily on victim’s witness and one is not expected to bring 2 live spectators, as in case of Islam.

h. Any denigration of women is against Vedas and demand strictest punishments.

i. A woman cannot be constrained from working and need not breastfeed her colleagues.

j. Women are considered to be most important part of society because of their inherent natural traits and the role they play in nurturing the future and being first teachers of coming generation.

k. Vedas are the only texts to declare that unless women are happy, there can be no bliss in society.

l. Vedas are the only texts that declare that education and progress of women is more important than that of men.

Also, as per current marriage laws, divorce is not as easy for a Hindu husband as for a Muslim husband. A minimum period of 2 years of separation has to be proven, along with fixing of compensation as per consent of the wife. The concept of three talaqs to get rid of old wife, to get a new one, does not hold for monogamous Vedic society.

Dear Sister, in case, you are indeed resolved to marry a person, make sure he converts to Vedic Dharma (Hinduism), rather than you converting to Islam.

If indeed he loves you, he will readily agree because it is win-win situation for both partners. You both want to break boundaries of religious dogmas and hence this is the only way to do so maintaining your dignity and self-respect. He may be very loving today, but you never know what can happen tomorrow. So this is the only respectful option for both of you.

In case he does not, reject him. Understand that you have been a victim of love jehad. (Huge number of Muslim youths are being paid by certain forces to lure Hindu and Christian women for marriage and then convert them, divorce them and find new preys). Burn the past and look ahead. It happened to you, because you ignored the tenets of our culture and were misled by fraud environment all around. But better late than never.

Arya Samaj had a case from Delhi where a girl was lured by a cool Muslim dude. She was about to leave her parents, convert and marry him, when they chanced to intervene. Arya Samaj merely asked her to setup an online discussion on yahoo messenger where both of them and an Agniveer expert would be present. The expert started asking the cool dude about his views on Islam. Soon he was forced to admit that all that is written in Quran and Hadiths are final word of Allah and unchangeable for him. Then we took him to specific verses relating to women and marriage, and gradually the fanatic Mullah emerged who justified sex-slaves, restricting women indoors, forcing her to have hijab and have no career, having multiple wives, absurd rape laws and even talaq.

Dear Sister, in case, you already made a blunder and became a Muslim to marry a Muslim, not all is lost.

Insist your husband that both of you convert to Hinduism. This would be win-win for both of you. In case he refuses to, again understand that you have been a victim of love-jehad. Be strong, know your roots, have faith in Ishwar, take divorce from your husband and start afresh. Do so even if you have children.This will save their future.

In case he plans to relocate to a Muslim country, hurry up! Once you leave a non-Muslim country, the ball will no more remain in your court. You shall be doomed. In case you have already relocated, remain tactfully silent, keep him in good humor, convince him to come to India or any non-Muslim country, even for a short break. And once you are in a non-Muslim country, assert your right to dignity. Ask him to either convert or divorce. Make sure you have carried all your papers, in case you need to fight a legal battle.

Divorce may not be easy due to anti-women Islamic laws, but if you live in India or a non-Muslim country, you can still wriggle out through court-battles on pretext of your Fundamental Right to profess any religion. It may be a hard pill to swallow, but the only one to save you and your future generations from ignominy. Remember, dignity and self-respect are far above any short-term conveniences.

Welcome to Vedic dharma and live the life you aspire for – devoid of inequality and discrimination!

Dear Sister, if you have been born as a Muslim woman and have married/ are about to marry a Muslim:

Convince your husband/ would-be to convert and become Hindus. You will find huge number of articles on agniveer.com on why you should do so. But more importantly, as a woman, you would be able to live with head held high and with dignity. You would have equal rights and no discrimination compared to men. If your husband/ would-be indeed loves you, if would be only more than happy to gift you such pride and right to live with dignity.


And if he indeed loves you, these dogmas of being a die-hard Muslim should not count anything in front of your self-respect and dignity that only Vedic Dharma can guarantee.

So come what may happen, to preserve your dignity and self-respect, embrace the Vedic Dharma. Do this at whatever cost. Even life counts nothing in front of dignity. Better to die than to be loved like a sex-toy!

So take that bold step, and embrace the Vedic dharma. Reject the cult of the barbaric who dehumanize women!

COURTESY: www.agniveer.com

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I dont have a problem you sharing the hindu scrptures and historical findings proving mythical existence. Our religion doesnt need to prove other religion is inferior, so quit dragging other religions if you cannot respect them. You lose your credibility instantly.
Posted on 08-04-12 6:33 PM     [Snapshot: 199]     Reply [Subscribe]
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All religions are equal. It's just the way how you interpret it makes the difference.

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