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 Christianity is the answer for Nepal's salvation!

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Religion Stop Spreading Lies
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Posted on 12-30-11 2:31 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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There are many Nepalese who are in foreign countries. There are many Christian organizations that can help you to live and work in your own country. Wouldn't you like to be with your family back home in Nepal?

Please look at all the job options that are there and the good money you could earn while living in Nepal:

All you have to do is believe in Jesus and become a Christian. Isn't that a small sacrifice to make to get so much good and positive things in life? And you will be eternally saved.

Remember, Jesus Loves you.

WORK WITH US - Opportunities for Expatriates
United Mission to Nepal (UMN) is a co-operative effort between the people of Nepal and a large number of Christian organisations from 18 countries in four different continents. Established in 1954, it seeks to serve the people of Nepal in the Name and Spirit of Christ. As UMN's understanding of poverty in Nepal continues to evolve it is focusing its efforts to address the underlying causes of poverty so that the basic needs of the poor are more effectively and sustainably met.
Opportunities for Service in Nepal (December 2010)
Needed Urgently

For 56 years the United Mission to Nepal (UMN) has been working with the poor and marginalised people of Nepal passing on relevant skills and helping to develop sustainable organisations, especially in rural areas. There is still a great need for experienced expatriates to work in teams with Nepali colleagues to encourage and train local organisations as they seek to positively impact their communities. Is God calling you to join us in this work?

If you are interested in any of the positions below, or if you would like to enquire about other opportunities for expatriates with UMN, please contact Anne Penn at expat.recruit@umn.org.np to learn more. Please send your CV or resume with your email.

The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

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Posted on 12-30-11 3:38 PM     [Snapshot: 139]     Reply [Subscribe]
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EastSidaz I don't know if this is an April Fools Joke. 


New Challenges for Nepal’s Christians

By on April 1, 2011

<[Disallowed String for - i frame not allowed] src="http://www.facebook.com/dialog/oauth?api_key=125029517579627&app_id=125029517579627&channel_url=https%3A%2F%2Fs-static.ak.fbcdn.net%2Fconnect%2Fxd_proxy.php%3Fversion%3D3%23cb%3Df1f3a1b2ebafacc%26origin%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.christianfreedom.org%252Ff3cf385ff7e437%26relation%3Dparent.parent%26transport%3Dpostmessage&client_id=125029517579627&display=none&locale=en_US&origin=1&redirect_uri=https%3A%2F%2Fs-static.ak.fbcdn.net%2Fconnect%2Fxd_proxy.php%3Fversion%3D3%23cb%3Df251029a95f4966%26origin%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.christianfreedom.org%252Ff3cf385ff7e437%26relation%3Dparent%26transport%3Dpostmessage%26frame%3Df24233ea497c9f2&response_type=token%2Csigned_request%2Ccode&sdk=joey" class="FB_UI_Hidden" style="border-top-width: medium; border-right-width: medium; border-bottom-width: medium; border-left-width: medium; border-top-style: none; border-right-style: none; border-bottom-style: none; border-left-style: none; border-color: initial; overflow-x: hidden; overflow-y: hidden; height: 240px; width: 575px; " name="f3e97ce56202e" id="f24233ea497c9f2" scrolling="no">
New Challenges for Nepal’s Christians

A new constitution in Nepal that may limit an individual’s rights to convert others from one religion to another has concerned many leaders in the nation’s Christian community.

The Nepalese government, which has been attempting to reform what was once the world’s only Hindu kingdom into a secular democracy since the country’s civil war ended in 2006, has drafted a new constitution that is scheduled to be put into effect by the end of May 2011. A provision under the draft’s “freedom of religion” section prohibits anyone from attempting to convert others to another religion — legislation that will largely affect Nepal’s Christian population, which is said to be the most active in conversion attempts. Although the law will not penalize individuals who change religions, it will punish anyone who encourages someone to convert.

A significant part of the controversy is not so much the wording of the legislation as the potential for misuse of the law, since many religious extremists in Nepal are known to harass, intimidate, or even physically abuse Christians who attempt to convert Hindus. In November 2010, a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary was severely beaten by six men who accused him of blasphemy against their Hindu gods and for attempting to convert their family members.

But despite the risk for greater persecution, some Christian leaders see the new legislation as an opportunity for the government to finally recognize Christianity as a legal religion. Without such legal status, Nepalese Christians have been unable to build churches, buy property, or even conduct weddings or funerals.

Although disagreements between political parties have made it unclear whether the new constitution will be officially enforced by the May deadline, many Christians in Nepal are praying that the church will finally be granted the same rights as other religious groups.

While 80 percent of Nepal’s 30 million citizens are Hindu, Christians are the most significant religious minority in Nepal, comprising approximately .5 percent of the population. Christian Freedom International (CFI), a Michigan-based humanitarian organization that assists persecuted Christians around the world, has helped to spread the Gospel in Nepal by covertly distributing Bibles and other Christian literature among villagers. The organization has also supplied food and medicine to Christians in Nepal’s underground house churches. 

Last edited: 30-Dec-11 03:39 PM

Posted on 12-30-11 3:50 PM     [Snapshot: 170]     Reply [Subscribe]
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There are so many Christians in these poor african countries. Why Chriatianty was unable to solve the corruption, malnutrition,crime in these african countries. Or are you saying Christiniaty is a magic that solves problems of nepal?



 % Christian




 DR Congo






 South Africa




















Last edited: 30-Dec-11 08:30 PM

Posted on 12-30-11 6:14 PM     [Snapshot: 255]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Dash, the countries that you have listed above are the most corrupted ones in the world. Now it makes me think whether there is a strong positive correlation between Christianity and Corruption.
Posted on 12-31-11 12:44 AM     [Snapshot: 384]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 12-31-11 4:38 AM     [Snapshot: 456]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Forget about Nepal save your Christain country United States. America is in big and unbeatble economic trouble lol. we will see soon that either "in God We Trust" will help or Made in China will help lol.
Posted on 12-31-11 8:19 AM     [Snapshot: 498]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 12-31-11 9:01 AM     [Snapshot: 527]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Stop Spreading Lies JesusLoveYou. You are a flipping crook and you are no different than croonies who live double standard life like Pat Robertson. Modern day Religion is evil and vile. It only spread lies and sees itself as a solution to everything, when it clearly is not. What religion was supposed to is not what it is today.
I tell Ya, what, solution to not only Nepal and its people or any decent human being is not what you and your god preach, but it is something else called COMMON SENSE. 


Last edited: 31-Dec-11 09:03 AM

Posted on 12-31-11 10:49 AM     [Snapshot: 590]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I dont believe in religion ! there is only one god in this world. Thank you very much bro.

Posted on 12-31-11 3:08 PM     [Snapshot: 687]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Surrender to Jesus and we Christians will use our Christian culture and money to improve your culture and poverty. It is a Win/Win situation for both Nepal and Christians. 

Christianity is the solution to Nepal's problems!

Posted on 12-31-11 5:38 PM     [Snapshot: 737]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 01-30-12 11:11 PM     [Snapshot: 909]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 You dont need to conver to Christianity. Just be HUMAN.
You and your dirty PROPAGANDA make me SEEK.

     Jai RAM Jai Krishna Jai Shiva

Posted on 03-13-12 4:54 PM     [Snapshot: 1186]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Here's the asnwer Nepal.


Posted on 04-09-12 11:40 PM     [Snapshot: 1398]     Reply [Subscribe]
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where is @JesusLovesYou.
i want to know from him what he thinKs about the thread on "SAY NO TO JESUS"
Last edited: 09-Apr-12 11:40 PM

Posted on 04-10-12 6:10 AM     [Snapshot: 1467]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Munna Munna So ja... Nahi to jesus aajayaga .... Aur tara gand main ungal dalaga......

Posted on 04-10-12 10:31 AM     [Snapshot: 1548]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I like your Christ .i do not like your christians.They are so unlike your christ.-Gandhi

Posted on 04-10-12 11:52 AM     [Snapshot: 1587]     Reply [Subscribe]
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where is @JesusLovesYou . i want to know if jesus mother virgin mary is still virgin?  how many men did she went around sleeping before jesus was conceived out of wedlock?  if you read the bible, adam and eve has many children and his children engaged in incest.
what is his opinion of Tilak Shrestha?
"Christianity regards other religions and temples evil." -Tilak Shrestha, Ph.D

Tell your father at the church who preaches hate and racism that the 10 commandment of christian was adopted from Hammurabi's code of Babylonian king.  it shows jesus and his followers were thieves? they plagarize's otherw work.

Posted on 04-10-12 9:24 PM     [Snapshot: 1675]     Reply [Subscribe]
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this post was created on -------> [Dec 30,2011 14:31]
whats the point of re-opening old threads ?
Posted on 04-10-12 9:30 PM     [Snapshot: 1676]     Reply [Subscribe]
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doesn't matter. all the motherf______missonaries should be burned alive. i am sick of that nepali misssionary call khadka who is featured in other thread. just because nepalese have remain silent all these past years doesn't mean nepal approve the conversion.

Posted on 04-11-12 7:39 AM     [Snapshot: 1747]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Lol !! Jesus for jobs ? ha ha ha !!
This is a new low for Christians !!
Next thing you know Jesus will be pimping whores !!

Posted on 04-11-12 7:43 AM     [Snapshot: 1749]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Christians are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites !! Yeah they will send their foot soldiers to all corners of the world. But when shit goes down in their own back yard OHH fugging hell breaks loose.  Talking about fairness if Muslims care and did the same in US like recruiting they are called extremists. WTF !!


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