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 दशैं न मानेको १० वर्श भयो. आतंकवादी बाबुराम भट्टराई ले टिका लाउने मान्छे नै छोडेन घरमा. यो आतंकवादी र साझा का आतंकवादी हरु को छिटो देहान्त होस्. मेरो यो पोस्टिंग लै फ्लाग गर्ने हरुको घरमा पनि अर्को वर्ष दशैं न होस् र देहान्त होस्.
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Posted on 10-06-11 6:20 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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[This posting flagged as inappropriate]
Posted on 10-06-11 9:31 PM     [Snapshot: 168]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 makalekancha bro,

 yi aatankakaaari kukur haru yestai hun. Timle tyati bhanda bhandai pani 2 jana aatankakaari haru le flag garechhan. Terrorists haru ta dashain maandainan kyaare haina ra? Na aafu maanchhan na arulai khushi kaa saath maanna dinchhan, yi narapisaach haru.......

Posted on 10-07-11 8:02 AM     [Snapshot: 355]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Taila pani pashupati ma gayara Birdha Aasharm ma gayara laga tikka.

Or purba raja ka ghara ja

Taila sarapayara jhat jaldina
Posted on 10-07-11 8:35 AM     [Snapshot: 390]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 PM Bhattarai in Gorkha

Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai reached his home district Gorkha on Friday to meet party workers and to assess the development programmes in the district.

PM Bhattarai left for Gorkha at 7 in the morning on his much-talked official vehicle, the Nepal-assembled Mustang jeep, with normal security escort, officials at his private secretariat told Nepalnews.

He first reached at Palungtar where he was received by locals and party workers. He had an interaction with the locals about the development projects in the area.

His party, the UCPN (Maoist), had organised a week-long central plenum at Palungtar few months earlier.

Bhattarai also inaugurated a drinking water project at Khoplang village in the afternoon. He is scheduled to visit few other places in the district to interact with the local people. He will return to the capital on Saturday.

Immediately after getting elected as Constituent Assembly member, Bhattarai had announced that he would be visiting the district at least once a month and he has fulfilled his promise so far. nepalnews.com

This guy never quit surprising me. You may not be the best leader but by far you are the best among what me got on our country. Fck these haters!!!

Posted on 10-08-11 12:52 PM     [Snapshot: 588]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I sympathize with you.  It's not only your story; thousands of people don't get to celebrate Dashian anymore.  Half of young Nepali dont live in Nepal and about 50,000 were killed by the Maoists.

Posted on 10-08-11 4:49 PM     [Snapshot: 696]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Jaslai chai maobadi yuddha maa kati manche maryo bhanne ni thaha chaina tellai chai kina badi bolna parne ??
Posted on 10-08-11 6:09 PM     [Snapshot: 747]     Reply [Subscribe]
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उही ड्याङका भट्टराई

बाबुराम भट्टराई पार्टीका सहिदलाई सम्मान गर्न र गृहजिल्लाका जनतालाई सम्बोधन गर्न प्रधानमन्त्री हुनेबित्तिकै सेनाको हेलिकप्टर चढेर गोरखा गए । त्यसको एकदिनअघि सिमि्रक एयरको हेलिकप्टर चढेर पार्टीकै कार्यक्रममा सिन्धुली गएका थिए । प्रधानमन्त्रीका लागि राज्यले विशेष व्यवस् था गरेकै हुन्छ, जुन स् वाभाविक पनि हो । तर, फर्केर आएपछि उनले पत्रकारहरूसँग भने, "मैले प्रयोग गरेको हेलिकप्टरको भाडा म तिर्छु, पार्टीले तिर्छ, सरकारी कोषको दुरूपयोग गर्दिनँ । " राष्ट्रप्रमुख र सरकार प्रमुखका लागि भनेर सेनाको भीभीआईपी उडान शाखा नै छ, त्यहाँ जहाज पनि छन् । उनी ती जहाजमा उड्दा कुनै अस् वाभाविक हुँदैनथ्यो । तर, प्रधानमन्त्रीे कार्यालयले रक्षा मन्त्रालयलाई उडानको व्यवस् थाका लागि लिखित निर्देशन नै दिएको रहेछ र सेनाको जहाजको भाडा मिनाहा पनि सोही निर्देशनमार्फत नै भएको देखियो ।
Posted on 10-08-11 7:42 PM     [Snapshot: 798]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I understand where you are coming from, and I empathize with you. However, that being said, do you think it is a  right way to express (vent) your anger (or frustration) by wishing death to those, and their family members, who disagree with you?

Maoist, in a way, did the same thing that you are doing here in Sajha. Maoist killed those who refused to agree/support thier ideology, and spearheaded their movement with the politics of fear. You, my friend, are doing the same here. You are wishing death to those who disagree with you. You too are playing the politics of fear by warning the Sajha posters that death might strike upon them, and thier family, if they dared to go against your post.

With all due respect, going by your recent posts, I fail to see the difference between Maoist (pre-peace agreement) and your methodology of getting points acrosss.

Posted on 10-08-11 10:33 PM     [Snapshot: 896]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Why don't you read your posting at least 3 times and see if it makes any sense? 

By the way, have you ever taken GMAT/GRE/LSAT/SAT/ACT?  My suggestion:  please don't take it.  Community colleges don't need those.  You know what I mean, right?  Your reading skills SUCKS!

Posted on 10-08-11 10:44 PM     [Snapshot: 913]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Why are these freaking maoists ranting in sajha?? Facebook timilai timro bau aama ko maran hos bhanera bhanda matrai yati saro tension bhako chha bhane sachikai maobadi ko haat bata aafna bau aman ani aafanta gumaune ko man kasto bhako hola? Teskaran maobadi haru jasto manis ko ragat ko holi khelne kukkur haruko pakshha liyera sajha ma dherai nabhuka..........ani yo timiharuko messiah baburam ek number ko pakhandi ra naatakbaj ho...herdai jau yesko furfur ek dui din ma jharnechha....


Posted on 10-08-11 10:45 PM     [Snapshot: 898]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 well well, look who's back?! Nagarikreport! You were lost for some 3-4 months, weren't you?
btw, i can understand what megalomaniac is saying. the message is pretty clear. i'm wondering here what's not making sense to you. maybe because your head is receiving "tori ko fool" effect because you're seeing these jhilimili ads on sajha's homepage after a long time? it's not making sense now because you hate what he wrote just because his words don't coincide with your ideas. read what mega wrote 3 times, it'll make perfect sense.  if that doesn't help, let me know. i'll translate it into Nepali so that you'll be able to understand.
btw, welcome back to sajha. hope you'll help people with immigration/job-hire issues with your suggestions as you used to before.
Posted on 10-08-11 10:50 PM     [Snapshot: 917]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 yo facebook, busenitz, bimal thapa, slacedemic,  bhanne maobadi haru timiharu ko bau prachande ra baburame ko pani ekdin hisab kitab huncha. Yi sab daaka harulai IC of justice ma lagera fansi dinu parcha......
Posted on 10-08-11 10:59 PM     [Snapshot: 929]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Seems like makale is back as gorkhecowboy. Dude, someone oppose you doesnt mean he must be maoist . You are acting like real maoist now. Because they call other Samanti who ever oppose them.
One more thing dude, if u have got somone killed in your family than you must know the pain of that than why you want other to have same pain like you did. Is that was real good man do? In our culture when we describe pain we say like "yesto dukha ta satru ko pani naparos" and you are here to wish same pain to all other since they somehow oppose your view!
You are an real as*hole
Posted on 10-08-11 11:11 PM     [Snapshot: 955]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 fuCCk you maoist retard......ta kun thau ma chhas bhanta.......tero ma geda nikalera paat ma rakhidinchuu oversmart hunchhas saale maobadi khate??
Posted on 10-08-11 11:19 PM     [Snapshot: 962]     Reply [Subscribe]
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gorkhe, mind your language man. can't you have a healthy discussion? why do you have to use bad words? grow up and stop acting like a foolish kid! you're are harming no one but yourself because whatever you say reflects your own personality.

Posted on 10-08-11 11:24 PM     [Snapshot: 975]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ha ha ha , sutne belaa maa hasayo keta le , ma nepal maa chaina babu chodde, ra maile talai mero address diye pani taile mero geda herna ni paudainas . Because I am not gay like you. Direct mero geda maa aakha laudo raicha baa. aafno chaina bhanera ho?

Posted on 10-09-11 6:19 PM     [Snapshot: 1071]     Reply [Subscribe]
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