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 आज को तितो सत्य,आफ्नो देश !!
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Posted on 12-30-10 6:47 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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सथिहो हेरौ हाम्रो तितो सत्य को बिजोग ,
यो के हो ?
हिन्दी फिल्म कै अक्कल गर्नुपर्छ र ?
के डन ?को डन ?सबै संगीत र  बोलि डन फिल्म बाट चोरेको रहेछ ,शरुख खान को हो ?नेपाली नायक हो ?अनि डन नेपाली  फिल्म हो ?
येसरी नै इंडिया को कदर गर्छ नेपाल ! नचाहिने काम ,आफ्नै बनाउन सक्दैन कोहि ?जति बेला नि भारतीय कुरा को सम्मान गर्न बाहेक क आउछ ,झन् देशको एस्तो गति मा !तपाई हरु येस्मा आफ्नो प्रतिक्रिया दिनुस ..हामी जे मा पनि उनीहरु को पुच्छर बन्ने ?
Last edited: 30-Dec-10 06:48 PM

Posted on 12-30-10 6:53 PM     [Snapshot: 20]     Reply [Subscribe]
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That's why I never watch these shits.

Posted on 12-30-10 7:04 PM     [Snapshot: 40]     Reply [Subscribe]
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i never watch this serial coz its too cheap. the comedy is too cheap.....comedy bhaneko ta manchhe lai bhitra bata nai hasauna saknu parchha like MAHA jodi .......this serial is no better than cartoon. we can do a lot to discourage this. internet ma pani na herne ani abroad aauda pani yini haruko show herna na jane.
Posted on 12-30-10 7:20 PM     [Snapshot: 67]     Reply [Subscribe]
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येस्मा त झन् हिन्दी गित नै राख्याछ !

Posted on 12-30-10 7:33 PM     [Snapshot: 91]     Reply [Subscribe]
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and Nepalese in US chose to award them by inviting here out of all Nepalese artists. Hijo aaja kura is much better than any of these. The last few episodes were quite emotional showing the plight of the parents of US settled children.
Posted on 12-30-10 7:59 PM     [Snapshot: 122]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I agree,these are just stupid,nonsense ,they have no respect to their own ccountry!they just copy or bring other stuffs,thats irreverant just to entertain !yes i agree with u hijo aaja ka kura ,maha jodi are the best..they show what is happening in country in serius and entertaining way..they r best!but copying from hindi is more annoying and disrespectful as tito satya!
Posted on 12-30-10 8:39 PM     [Snapshot: 177]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 30-Dec-10 08:39 PM

Posted on 12-31-10 12:35 PM     [Snapshot: 402]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I agree these sucks! Completely nonsense
Posted on 12-31-10 1:23 PM     [Snapshot: 425]     Reply [Subscribe]
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These tv serials are only for illiterate nepali daju bhai didi baini. 
Posted on 12-31-10 1:50 PM     [Snapshot: 437]     Reply [Subscribe]
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These tv serials are only for illiterate nepali daju bhai didi baini.
-> which is about half of Nepal's population. It is shame that tito satya is acclaimed as Nepal's no. 1 tv program.

Posted on 12-31-10 10:29 PM     [Snapshot: 562]     Reply [Subscribe]
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They have no respect towards their country at all!!!!just for useless entertaining at least they should use their won identity but hindi!! What is that???? One of the most shamest thing done in nepal..anything is ok but copying..bharati is most horrible thing.government should be aware in this issue..this is ilegal?!!wht relation do we hav with indian songs film.,r they our mother language?? Or we originated from india?? They should look back and stop these irreverant stuffs!
Posted on 01-01-11 5:23 AM     [Snapshot: 616]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 lol.. funny stuff..  i liked it actually. and i do not see how they have no respect for nepal. hmm..
 anyways, different preferences i guess.

Posted on 01-01-11 6:00 AM     [Snapshot: 621]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I agree that this program is a cheap comedy.....I hardly watch it.....
But no where in this particular series they have shown any disrespect for nepal or nepali.
Instead in once occasion, he asks the dancer to stop dancing in hindi song and start dancing in nepali one.....

If your point is following others culture is disrespect for your own culture, I completely disagree. As most of us can look at ourselves and see the deterioration of culture, where is disrespect to our country comes when we r talking about ourselves. 

Posted on 01-01-11 10:47 AM     [Snapshot: 686]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thats what i am.talking about-we r destroying our culture ourselves but at least they should try not following us! They should aware us for preserving,but they rr more,,,,,.! Being such a popular episode? So isnt that a disrespect?? Answer!
Posted on 01-01-11 10:51 AM     [Snapshot: 692]     Reply [Subscribe]
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And @illumaniti the Millions person like u lik this for fun,comedy but the real one know how this is serius disrespect!! We got an example here as well! Thank u for ur comment! We now know by ur comment?! :d
Posted on 01-02-11 9:15 AM     [Snapshot: 855]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I have been wacting few Nepalese comedy serials, as most commentors saids there is no creativity. Most of the funny moments are forcefully designed with nonsense music, repeating the frames. The most irritating features of these commedies are they are inspiring how to be 'thug', dishonest, to spoil people, and society. All negative aspect. There is no effective satire, they are so straight. Every moment is connected to political satire but it's so silly. It's just a waste of time. Lately restarted hijo aja ko kura is the one I liked most now.

By the way I also watch chhamchhami which is getting much better.

Posted on 01-02-11 3:40 PM     [Snapshot: 918]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I don't see anything wrong in this comedy show. Is mentioning the name of 'Don' an Indian 'thing' !? I don't know why people try to show they love Nepal by hating anything that has an iota of India but in fact they are the greatest consumers of Indian product and they relish on Indian entertainment sources. The 'Tito Satya' program shown above is totally entertaining.
Jai Nepal.

Posted on 01-03-11 12:08 AM     [Snapshot: 998]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Tito satya really sucks.They should stop cheap comedy.Maha jodi are great and also Hijo aja ka kura is getting better.
Posted on 01-03-11 11:35 AM     [Snapshot: 1061]     Reply [Subscribe]
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This is all about the intelligence of the group that actually produces this kind of stuffs.
If the directors/producers and the authority that okays a given series cant think above a 10th grade lad this is what they will end up with. My concern is not that they copy Hindi sequences ...I m fine if it is done for exigence and with a little bit of creativity. ( Non of which is to be found in Plays like Tito Satya). My concern is what are we as a society teaching the kids of tomorrow. Tito Satya is one of the most watched and profiting TV shows that Nepal TV has. 
Do Nepalese people deserve this piece of crap as weekly dose of comedy? Thado haat lagayera gaali garne, pariwarik kalah in the least creative manner, rakshyaha jadyaha ko third class rendering.,same old vikering and chase sequence backed by overused repetative background score( It seems each show has say 10 tunes 8 funny and 2  sad ones) Agreed that Popular Duos of  evening shows  ( deepak and Dipa, Jire Khursani brothers,Meri bassai Bros.. to name the 3 most popular ones ) are talented actors . But by no means  good writers/directors. But now it is going out of hands. When we were kids we used to see series/play with some gravity like Janai ko sacho,Doko,..( Guys please name few more..I remember the scenes but dont have the name on the top of my head). I think it all started with Distortion comedy of Twakka Tukka especially with Narayan Tripathi who now has probably fled the scene. Dont get me wrong :Twakka Tukka was a good one. Only now we have the lowest form of twakka tukka on every damn channel.
 Kids and hence their parents of Today get crass and overtly vulgur acts in the name of comedy. Look at any popular Nepalese TV series with lots of Ad.What do you see.. the same theme of distortion comedy full of naiveties and chase sequence made by people who have no idea what subtle comedy is.
I dont think Nepal lacks talented people who can come up with good ideas. Also I dont think the actors are themselves bad though.But God...Should we stop this madness....?

Posted on 01-03-11 2:29 PM     [Snapshot: 1120]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I understand that we should respect others culture and things.But when the tv shows adverrtises more of their stuffs,the youth and childrens will learn to swim in their culture forgetting our own culture!then how will the country?nomatter,what anyone say this is also degrading nepali culture in many ways!!ok for example.
this showed movie don-so everyone wants to watch movie once-then slowly everybody..(we all know)...
instead if they related it to our history(such as nalapani,war,gurkhas etc) or our legends or nepali movies such as sindoor,badlindo akash...etc then they want to watch it...
this is how this is playing a negative role in nepal..others just bark saying that love is not by hating others,but if nobody will understand the reality ...i dont know what will happen!


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