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 आइन्स्टाइन र न्युटनको सिद्धान्तलाई चुनौती दिएर फर्किएका नेपालका युवा वैज्ञानिक

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Posted on 07-17-10 9:48 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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रिजन अस्ट्रेलिया जाने

काठमाडौं, ३२ असार : 
अघिल्लो वर्ष अमेरिकाको वैज्ञानिक संस्था नासामा आइन्स्टाइन र न्युटनको सिद्धान्तलाई चुनौती दिएर फर्किएका नेपालका युवा वैज्ञानिक रिजन कार्की अर्को अवधारणा लिएर अस्ट्रेलिया जाने भएका छन् ।

कार्कीले तयार पारेको नयाँ सिद्धान्त र प्रविधि प्रस्तुतिका लागि अस्ट्रेलियाको टेरा ग्रेट कन्प|mेन्समा उनलाई बोलाइएको हो । उनले 'हिल ट्रेन'को अवधारणा तयार पारेका छन्, जसको नाम 'आरकेइई हिल ट्रेन' दिइएको छ ।

नेपाल पहाडै पहाडले घेरिएको देश भएकाले आफ्नो सूत्र र प्रविधिको धेरै उपयोगिता रहेको रिजनको तर्क छ । शुक्रबार नोबेल एकेडेमीमा भएको पत्रकार सम्मेलनमा कार्कीले भने, 'यस प्रविधिबाट धेरै छिटो पहाडी भेगमा तल-माथि गर्न सक्छौँ । यसमा कुनै प्रकारको प्रज्वलनशील इन्धनको प्रयोग नहुने हुँदा यो वातावरणीय हिसाबले पनि राम्रो छ ।'

रिजनको प्रविधिअनुसार, तलको वस्तु माथि लैजानुपरेमा पहाडको माथिल्लो भागमा रहेको वस्तुलाई गह्रौँ पार्ने र गह्रौँ वस्तु तल झर्दा तलको हलुका वस्तु माथि जान्छ । तलको ४८ किलोग्राम वस्तु माथि लैजानुपर्ने भएमा पहाडको माथिल्लो भागमा सय केजी राख्नुपर्छ । पानीको प्रयोगसम्बन्धीे २ देखि ५ अगस्टसम्म चल्ने सम्मेलनमा रिजनले 'पोस्टर प्रेजेन्टेसन' गर्ने जिम्मेवारी पाएका छन् ।

अस्ट्रेलियाबाहेक अमेरिका र बेलायतमा पनि रिजनको 'पेपर' छनोट भएका थिए । तर, ती दुई देशमा जान सबै खर्च आफैँले व्यहोर्नुपर्ने भएकाले उनले तत्काल नजाने निर्णय गरेका छन् । अस्ट्रेलियाले भने पाँच सय डलर सहयोग गरेको छ । बाँकी करिब दुई लाख रुपैयाँ नोबेल एकेडेमीले व्यहोर्ने जनाएको छ । नोबेल एकेडेमीका पि्रन्सिपल प्रा.डा. जयराज आचार्यले सो संस्थाले नकारात्मक पक्ष्ालाई बिर्सेर सकारात्मक पक्षलाई अगाडि बढाउन चाहेको बताए ।

The postings in this thread span 4 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 07-21-10 4:01 PM     [Snapshot: 2600]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I have been reading such news from Nepal for years  and sometimes, I myself became part of such news someday... . Just want to share few information what exactly happens.

When you tru to do some research (of any level), you need money. To get money for research, you need to be published...and when you contact a "patrakar"... Then they do as much as they can to make the news interesting.

However, some of the folks who came through such "hype-way" are making good money in Nepal.

Posted on 07-21-10 4:24 PM     [Snapshot: 2619]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Pire. I am glad you pointed that out and I was waiting for somebody to mention it. Being a maths co-major myself I should know and I did. Fourier and Laplace came much later than Newton. However, there was an article that spoke about Newton's understanding of these transformation methods much much ahead of the time they were discovered. It started with saying how Newton had developed calculus much much before Leibnitz developed it but Newton kept it to himself. It then gave some example of functional transformation that resembled Fourier or Laplace. I probably shouldn't have used this as a fact that nobody else has confirmed this, but my point was that to come up with the formulae of that magnitude, or to prove the correctness of the formula you would need to have that level of understanding. Sure there are empirical ways of proving a formula too, without mathematical derivations, but the kid didn't do that either.

10 points to pire.


Posted on 07-21-10 5:02 PM     [Snapshot: 2656]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Your message was right in that one must resist the temptation to be a rebel (i.e. question the authority of a subject, and Newton and Einsteins are authorities in their field) until one is well steeped in the subject. I just wanted to point out the mistake in the chronological order.

If you are a math major, then I am sure you understand the difference between having an idea or a hunch and proving it rigorously. I am sure Newton had a good intuition, and knew lots of tricks in solving mathematically tricky problems. But Newtonian calculus (actually, it is yet to be settled whether Leibnitz or Newton invented calculus. The s-like integral sign and d/dx like derivative sign are contribution of Leibnitz, where as dot (.) sign above dependent variable when we calculate derivative with respect to time is due to Newton, but you should borrow a book and go over the history of controversy and how these things settled yourself as Sajha couldn't be the right place for all that) was also anticipated by a lot of people. Ujjain based mathematicians of first millennium were able to predict solar and lunar eclipse (considerable prestige was attached in being able to predict those date, as Hindu Mela, and festivals were organized around them) almost a year in advance (Hindu calendars used to be made around Magh the previous year. Without a good knowledge of ordinary differential calculus, they wouldn't have been able to predict the date of eclipses a year in advance).

The crux is yes, our ancestors were as smart as us given what knowledge they had at their hand, and some of them were supersmart, and may have anticipated things coming in the future. What Laplace and Fourier did was they formalized the Newtonian hunches, (and defined other properties) if Newton 'knew' them as you say you read elsewhere. Anticipating something, whether the fact that robots can perform manual labor or that humanity can cure cancer one day, is different from actually doing it:)


Mech, hope you are not trying to justify what you did. What you did, if you did it, is the most dishonorable thing to do. We come from a country which is so poor, and lots of villages in our country don't have basic health services. To lie to cheat government out of some money is a shame. No one should be given a single penny to do weird researches. If you have to lie, lie so that our villagers can have a better life.

The job of a researcher is not to attempt to get money from the government by using his sophistry. Any  one who wants to do research must do so , at first, by using the means that he has. I may have a good hunch that I can make a mechanical vehicle that can take me to an unnamed star, (and to make it attractive, let me claim the star has almost inexhaustible deposit of gold which if I succeed Nepal can monopolize on), does this mean govt should give me money to do such weird research? No.
Last edited: 21-Jul-10 05:04 PM
Last edited: 21-Jul-10 05:06 PM

Posted on 07-21-10 9:46 PM     [Snapshot: 2762]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I don't know Laplace , Fourier or other complex mathematical jargons.. The only thing I was pointing out was "whatever you do in Nepal, there is nobody to verify before it reaches to millions of people". You will be called a scientist, inventor, leader or first person to do so.. in so and so time .. Some folk are using newspapers, TV to make sales pitch of their desire...

I you ever lived in Nepal, you clearly know how things work.

Posted on 07-22-10 12:05 AM     [Snapshot: 2845]     Reply [Subscribe]
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May be I misunderstood what you meant when you wrote
"..myself became part of such news someday"
I thought you were saying that you too were making such news to get research. If you did such nonsense to make money, then obviously it was a dishonorable thing to do.

Posted on 07-22-10 12:22 AM     [Snapshot: 2857]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Pire, What's up with the moral policing? Have you never done anything in your life that could be considered "dishonorable"? (think about 'small' stuff like cheating on exams in middle school or  copying classmate's homework) 

Last edited: 22-Jul-10 12:25 AM

Posted on 07-22-10 1:16 AM     [Snapshot: 2902]     Reply [Subscribe]
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To answer your two questions: No.In fact, I was always ranked #1 in my class. I never copied other people's homework. [Referring to your question on what you call  'small' stuff like cheating on exams in middle school or  copying classmate's homework? ]

What do you mean by 'moral policing'? I am referring to one particular dishonorable act, and condemning it. If you don't know what the 'moral policing' is, please don't use it.
Last edited: 22-Jul-10 02:36 AM

Posted on 07-22-10 1:23 AM     [Snapshot: 2910]     Reply [Subscribe]
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kati choti same topic post garchhas how!!

wakkkkaaaa lagi sakyo

Banda gar

Last edited: 22-Jul-10 01:24 AM

Posted on 07-22-10 1:28 AM     [Snapshot: 2914]     Reply [Subscribe]
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arahat sale... tero topic aaba banda gar!!

Jaile pani same topic liyera ke garna khojeko yesle?

so what is your problem if someone going to Australia for sanction on that topic??

Posted on 07-22-10 2:17 AM     [Snapshot: 2936]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@ Pire- Good for you that you have never done anything "dishonorable" in your entire life. The Vatican might be interested in declaring you a saint. The only reason I posted my previous comment is that you were showing holier than thou attitude towards mech. Unlike you,I was never ranked #1 in my class  so my knowledge of the English language is not as good as yours, that must be the reason why I misused the words 'moral policing'. Being the saint you are, could you please let me know what would be the right word and/or words to describe someone like you who feels that it is their duty to condemn people like mech. All mech was saying is that things like these happen in Nepal and he/she too might have been part of something similar knowingly/unknowing in the past.  By the way, I would love to meet a saint like you in person;may be some of your holiness will rub onto me but I am guessing people who always ranked #1 don't want to meet sinners like me who have done "dishonorable" acts.
Last edited: 22-Jul-10 02:31 AM

Posted on 07-22-10 2:29 AM     [Snapshot: 2950]     Reply [Subscribe]
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First, I am a Hindu/Buddhist, and I don't care about Vatican's positions. FYI.
Second, I have no interest in meeting you. Why don't you meet this guy whose action you seem to be intent on justifying? 
Third, what makes you so eligible to intrude in a conversation I am having with Mech? You think you have to judge and police everybody, don't you?

Posted on 07-22-10 2:40 AM     [Snapshot: 2954]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@Pire- Clearly, you are better educated, more intelligent and smarter than me so I will never be able to win an 'argument' (feel free to comment on my misuse of the word argument) with you. The only way for me to be able to salvage my pride(?) is by apologizing to you for intruding in a conversation I had no business of being in. If I knew that you were an Ivy-League(or a school almost as good)  educated saint then I wouldn't have even bothered to comment. I hope you will accept my humble apology. I clearly had no idea what I was talking about. My bad. Yes, I am a quitter who gives up pretty fast. I hope that doesn't qualify as being "dishonorable". If it does, my apologizes again. I will try my best to improve my English so that I don't misuse words like 'moral policing' again. It's really good to know that there are honorable young Nepalese like you who don't judge other people, looks like there still is hope for Nepal!!!  
Last edited: 22-Jul-10 02:51 AM

Posted on 07-22-10 3:52 AM     [Snapshot: 2974]     Reply [Subscribe]
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what the hell.. sab_Nepali_ko sathi , your English is just fine. Pire dai loves to argue and he comes strong but that does not mean you have to bend over and show your back. it's one thing to be humble and apologize while it's totally different to lick the shoes of your opponent. everyone deserves respect whether their  English is good or bad. i respect pire dai's argument most of the time as he holds the same belief like i do but i doubt he never came second in his life. everyone's has limitation, i'm sure pire dai's has his weaknesses too. let's respect each others and act like civilized men. 

Posted on 07-22-10 4:01 AM     [Snapshot: 2975]     Reply [Subscribe]
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btw, bragging about education to win an argument in an online forum is close to saying i have a golden elephant in my house( mer ghar ma soon ko hatti cha). No one knows no one in here. pire dai maybe a renowned Nepali scientist or a bored Indian restaurant cook who happened to read good books and put some effort in learning English. and anyway, what's up with us and English. It's just another language to communicate. 
also, just cuz someone's been to Ivy- league from Nepal does not mean they went there because they were exceptionally smart. It must be true in most cases but again i have seen lots of students begging worse than beggars and cheating on SAT to get need basis scholarships. I have seen lots of RAs and TAs in universities who have RAs and GAs just because they kept nagging the professors. I am not trying to generalize by the above examples but everyone who goes to Ivy-leagues are not there because they are the leaders of the world and crap crap. 
every hard working man whether educated or not, whether went to Ivy league or not should be treated with dignity. showing off your English is better than another fellow english as a second language countryman is a true sign of slavery. 

Posted on 07-22-10 9:06 AM     [Snapshot: 3050]     Reply [Subscribe]
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This thread has run its course. R.I.P.
Posted on 07-22-10 10:54 AM     [Snapshot: 3100]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I hope you understand it was not me who bragged about my education in the first place. He asked me whether I have ever cheated in the class. The reality is I have never. What he called small stuff (like cheating in class or copying other's homework)--I haven't done them. I know lots of people who are smarter than me (in Nepal and outside), and I know my place in acadamic strata. I didn't bring this issue, and I answered his very personal questions.

In this thread, the main question is whether this Rijal kid can be justified. The people who indirectly argued that "nepalma yastai ho", or "haameele pani class ma chorthiyau so this kid is okey" or "governmentle researchko lagi paisa didaina so it is okey" were all wrong. The problem with sns is that he got personal with me. And once confronted, he is getting sarcastic.

Posted on 07-22-10 11:48 AM     [Snapshot: 3127]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Pire being same old same old... "All of you are wrong, I am right!!!"
Posted on 07-22-10 1:26 PM     [Snapshot: 3156]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I understood what he is saying in response to my thread but I didn't get his point.

But like I said we have beaten the topic to death and lets move on.

Posted on 07-22-10 4:51 PM     [Snapshot: 3186]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 22-Jul-10 09:17 PM

Posted on 07-22-10 9:07 PM     [Snapshot: 3265]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Namchinne ping haru ko 100 jhadka.

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