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 usa ma room mates are like blood suckers
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Posted on 04-17-10 11:16 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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This place called USA is full of nepali people trying to suck blood of one another. Is it me or something but everytime I bump into one or the other roommate whom I help who have just arrived from Nepal and after couple of months they act like they've been born here..you know all those not so thankful people. It is very rare one nepali can trust another one. I don't know if this is the same situation in Nepal or people turn so selfish when they go abroad that instead of being helpful to one another they are sucking each others blood like vampires.

I am sick of these people here not one two but every other person is a pile of shit..I am just annoyed and blogging it, I am not sure if other people have experienced this but like its like so shameful, nepali bhayera ni nepali ko kura nabujhne..literally no respect of others privacy..party like hell,, and bring bf/gf to sleep over no matter other roommate like it or not ..use other's stuffs..shampoo laundry, toooth paste..gosh till when will u do this to save pennies..people I feel sick of belonging to this race.. never clean up or throw trash be a trash bag n live in like room like garbage can..if anyof you who read this blog have done so to the other roommate feel the shame and grow up..and learn to respect your race than talk about others...really i rather live with some one from another country whom i completely may not understand coz trying to understand nepali room mates is going to make me mentally siiiiiickkkk....

Posted on 04-17-10 11:46 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Tell once, tell twice and tell thrice finally kick them out. That's what i will do. Believe me i stayed in three different parts of United States and i had same problem every time as you are talking about. But, boy i was the last distress they had ever seen in their life.
Last edited: 18-Apr-10 12:04 AM

Posted on 04-18-10 12:09 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Try to get a well-paid job; live alone; use left hand more often, and stop complaining. 
Posted on 04-18-10 3:00 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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oh my..
im lost for words..those two paragraphs posted by paro has got to be one of the worst ever text that ive ever read in my whole life..dude she surely knows how to make use of the english language then modify and translate the entire sentence stucture so that she can translate nepali phrases int the exact same stucture..Example: "ma bhat kahnchu" will now become "I Rice Eat" according paro.
And i thought she had problems with the readneck but it seems like she has problem with our own race."...respect your race..."???
What was that all about?

Posted on 04-18-10 5:09 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I have to tell one thing here, it's not a Nepali thing, when you live with someone then you'll get to know more about the person, both good and bad things. However as a house-owner you have the right to let the tenant know what the tenant SHOULD or SHOULDN'T do while they live in your property, and it's called CONTRACT, which you do before you let that person live in your property.

About your roommate using your stuffs, you can just tell them to use their own stuffs. If you feel uneasy to confront your roommate and come here complaining like a bitch then you're the one to be blamed; that only show how pussy you are. Just because you let a Nepali live in your house doesn't mean you've done a great social service to the entire Nepali community. I'm sure you got what you wanted in return.

After reading your profile, I get a hint that you're a little control freak. You can't expect others to live like you do; DON'T drink, DON'T bring gf/bf ? Just because you are single and don't get a pussy or dick doesn't mean you make rule for others where they can't have visitor. Next time make sure you make a long contract about how your roommate SHOULD confirm to.

If you don't like Nepali roommates then put an ad in Craig's list for "CIVILIZED RACE" to live in your house.

Posted on 04-18-10 1:49 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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nova, my thoughts exactly. this person seems to be a control freek. he/she's jealouse cuz unlike her roomromate she's not getting laid.
Posted on 04-18-10 3:09 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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* READNECK? did you mean redneck?
Those two paragraphs..... have (not has).. plural noun takes plural verb.
how to make use  or how to use?
REMEMBER (आफ्नो आंगको भैसी........... मित्र )


Posted on 04-18-10 5:06 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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*parO... nice analogy between sucking blood and sucking the paste outta ur tube. its just a lil hard to find a common ground betweem em two, besides my use of "sucking" for both!
Posted on 04-18-10 5:11 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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मैले त यो समस्या चुप्चाप भोग्दै आएको छु.
तीन बर्ष भई सक्यो यहाँ अमेरिकामा.
सिकाउनु को हद पनि थाहा भएन खप्नुको सिमा पनि थाहा पाइएन
के भन्ने !
(कम्प्रोमाइज गरेर बस्न सक्ने कुरा भने हाम्रो पोजेतिभ खुबी हो)

Posted on 04-18-10 5:34 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Well said Novaguy83. If this person share the apartment with another race, he/she will realize the importance of Nepali roommate. As long as you are good, everybody is good. Don't blame particular race. I have been sharing apartment with Nepali and American friends
since four years but i don't see any big differences.

Posted on 04-18-10 6:23 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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 oie tunturey..
sun abo yeta ek chhin.. bhai le dhero lekhya raichha roommate ko bare chahin... lamkhutte ni bhanya raichha.. hoina.. tara hosh garesh hai.. timi naani chhain atti uncoool manchhe jasto chha..

dherai herO bannu ni hundaina.. mero paile ko room mate ni babbaal stuck up thyo hagi.. malai ni jaile kotha fohor rakhyo bhanera yan tyaan dinthyo.. tara bhani haalen ni manchhe chahin tyo ni uncool nai thyo kya.. ani usko budhi chahin alik farward khaali ko raichhan.. euta party ma maile chance khojya usle chance diya.. k garnu.. roomie ko budhi sanga aile samma eta uti hunchha.. k garnu yestai ho..

lu ta hosh garesh babu...


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