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 Let's Sue IBM - Discrimination - Let Expert Needed

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Posted on 06-11-09 6:12 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey Guys,

I was trying to apply for a position at IBM. I was putting in my information and there came a page where they require a candidate to put the country of their academic degree. I scrolled down to select Nepal for my master's (or US equivalent bachelor) degree. However, there was no Nepal in the list. India, Pakistan and so many country were on the list. Why they excluded Nepal? Even worse, there is no place to write down the name of a different country than that are listed. I felt real bad.

Do they think Nepal is not a country or there is no university at all? or are they trying to exclude all Nepalis from applying to their openings? Looks like IBM is not an EOE. In either case, is it not a discrimination based on the national origin? Let's fight back against this discrimination.

Let's sue IBM and get a lot of punitive damages.

I was so stunned.

The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 06-12-09 1:28 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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some indian must have made that application. how should we differenciate ourself from Indians in the international community guys? food we eat, music we listen or movies we watch are closely related to Indians. i bought an iphone just to listen Nepali fm and most of those fms play indian music too. indians could be smart but most people make fun of them. they think all south asians are indians. there is just so much sterotyping about indians. the other day i was wtching spelling bee competion and 1st and3rd kid were indians, and 2nd was chinese. When the program finished a bunch o kids came to the stage and they were poor white kids, lol... indians nice, funny, smart , stingy and i guess, part of us we never liked



Posted on 06-12-09 2:56 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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IBM is IBM because it thinks ahead of time.
Posted on 06-12-09 3:03 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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did you report it. Give me the link, I am in IBM so I will see if I can do something.

Posted on 06-12-09 9:44 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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You will see if you try to apply for a position. It's on the page where they require us to put our academic information. You can not find Nepal in the drop down list or an option to write another country.

I strongly believe that we can bring a lawsuit on this so they learn a lesson.


Posted on 06-12-09 9:50 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I don't believe this is a law suite issue. If you have repeatedly tried to get IBM to make the changes and they have not made any effort to make ammendments in a reasonable time frame, you may have some basis but the way you presented it, a law suite would be a joke. You cannot sue someone for inadvertent mistakes without giving them a chance to make ammends...

Posted on 06-12-09 11:28 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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If it looks like a duck and if it sounds like a duck, then it is a duck for sure. As much as we hate them, we go back to them to be raped again and again ,from ordinary citizens to bastard politicians. We use everything Indian, watch their movies, music, most Nepali can speak Hindi, our letters (script) are same, most Nepali have same names like the Indians. We have politicins who are dressed in Indian clothes and speak Hindi and swear in Hindi during major appointment. What identity are you talking about?

We have sold our soul and our identity to the Indians a while ago. A small change in our lifestyle can impact the society and the country in the long run. Ask someone here to stop promoting Indian entertainment mostly Bollywood trash, then they will tell you that it DOES NOT matter, who are you to tell me? All things and attitude like these added, who are you to demand Nepali identity? It is lost for good.

Posted on 06-12-09 11:45 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Bunch of cowards. losing battle before the war is even started.
what a disgrace to our forefathers who have protected our bumi since the time immemorial.
let's see who is going to make Nepal into Indian state or "Asali Hindustan"

Posted on 06-13-09 10:51 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Bob Marly,

I understand where you coming from. I also have the same frustration when I see our Nepali poeple have so much interests in Indian stuff like music, films and others. I desperately hate it even more when I see Nepali people in the US doing it. Nepalese in the US should try to assimilate in the US culture and love for our Nepali culture that is what I believe. What can we really do? At least we can influence the people surrounding us. I have been doing for a long time.

However, you are venting your anger at a wrong person. I think we are on the same boat. I do not listen or speak Hindi for your kind information. However, I understand Hindi but don't use it.

Anyway good luck to all Nepalis.

Posted on 06-13-09 12:44 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I don’t know about you guys, but at my place Hindi songs are
banned when I am around.  I especially
don’t like people playing Hindi music in the morning. When I hear any dhoti
music in my house in the morning, there is a big war. I’m always alone in the
war, 1 Vs 7, but I just fight. In front of those 7 people I look weird, but I
don’t give a f**k.

Posted on 06-13-09 1:09 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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you one of those True Nepali. For that I salute you.
This is America. Speak English, Write English. Therefore Listen English too, beside Nepali.

Posted on 06-14-09 1:16 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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 don't backoff.  F**k those dhoti songs. I hate people playing dhoti songs in groups, parties, specially nepali night presentation.  

Posted on 06-14-09 2:11 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thank you guys for your support!!! I'm not alone now!!

Posted on 11-14-10 12:43 AM     [Snapshot: 1364]     Reply [Subscribe]
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you stupids..what nepal is a part of india???there is not even single percentage of history or evidence that nepal is a part of india and how many times to say that..rather india was under british and nepal always independence,..

Indians were slave (i dont mean to say bad but the truth) and noone wants to break his nationality saying india ....

Posted on 11-14-10 9:11 AM     [Snapshot: 1461]     Reply [Subscribe]
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When I hear 'sue' I understand it as earning money american way. If there is some issue, just sue. All lawers are behind this and we people. There are people from Nepal who is said to be very much religious, does not eat meat and even garlic, tomato, and onion, would not hesitate to lie for $$$. I have seen on TV people who try to hurt themselve in grocery store and sue the store.

Everybody is behind the $$$. Very bad american mentality.


Last edited: 14-Nov-10 09:11 AM
Last edited: 14-Nov-10 09:12 AM

Posted on 11-14-10 9:41 AM     [Snapshot: 1483]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I don't know what this thread has turned into but as to my common sense it entirely depends on whether IBM wants to hire people graduating from nepal or not. If you graduated from nepal then simply you cannot apply for it.

Its not discrimination.


Posted on 11-14-10 3:43 PM     [Snapshot: 1592]     Reply [Subscribe]
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leave all these shits brow, why not put INDIA, all it matters to u is about getting hired, if u will get hired by selecting INDIA why not coz our country is getting so fkd up tht  we the one outside o f our country can do nothing if we wish too, even if we give them gud idea they will for sure laugh at u
Posted on 11-14-10 5:03 PM     [Snapshot: 1633]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I think the reason why IBM didnt keep Nepal as its list of country for application is because Nepal don't have university classes that meet IBM requirements.Working with companies at USA is not a joke or easy task. There are systems and need to follow the definition. Company like IBM, INTEL, Microsoft Google needs a person who have studied the origin what they are studying..( I hope I am making sense :) ) .... I dont think its any discrimination or they forgot about it lol.. its just like if you have a software company at USA and a guy from Nepal who knows C++ applies for a job at your company who dont have a degree.. its unlike you will hire instead of a BS in CS person at USA... You want your company to grow.. and not keep on teaching the guy with all the terms and standards of programming etcs..

hope this helps..
Posted on 11-14-10 6:25 PM     [Snapshot: 1692]     Reply [Subscribe]
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McDonald was sued by an wise a** who dropped hot coffee on his/her groan, I am guessing it was his/her own fault but McDonald did not put the warning about hotness.
Find out a lawyer if he/she takes your case then update us.

Posted on 11-14-10 6:45 PM     [Snapshot: 1715]     Reply [Subscribe]
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sala class down nera bharat mahan re, thukka [Disallowed String for - use not allowed] pinhead, ja gayera India ma bash tero family lai pani liyera ja u and ur familya re not welcome in my country Nepal
Posted on 11-16-10 5:00 PM     [Snapshot: 1941]     Reply [Subscribe]
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What you got from Sajha and your conclusion about suing IBM? Awaiting for your closing statements.


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