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 A scientific reason for Nepal's failures
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Posted on 06-17-20 7:53 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Since the end of the Rana regime 70 years ago, Nepal has had seven constitutions. That is an average of new constitution every decade. The hope has always been that a new constitution will get rid of hurdles in the country and development can start to make people’s lives better. Despite all the changes and political revolutions, the condition of the nation and the economic backwardness of people have deteriorated rather than take a turn for the better.

What people have been thinking is that changing the political system, or the political leaders would be the solution to progressing as a society. Until now, almost everybody has been tested by placing them at the helm of leadership. From Panchayat to multiparty to now republic, coalition government to two-third majority government, no one has been able to fulfill the dreams of Nepal.

There is one problem though. The problem is not only the leadership. There is a different reason for constant failures in Nepal’s political, social, and all other sectors. It is the mindset. A culture with a loser mindset can only dream of success but only meet failure. To understand this fact, we have to understand some brain science.

Basically, what we are doing with everything we do is wiring our brains. Our brain does not function the same way all the time, or in our life. Basically, there are two main components of our brain that helps to run our lives. They are our conscious brain and the subconscious brain. What we need to understand between these two is that the conscious brain is the past that functions to make decisions and handle the world and our life in the day to day situations. It is the rational part that helps us make our goals and desire things.

The subconscious brain is shaped by our habit and holds long-term memories. The important thing we need to understand about it is that it is the programming software of our life. So, if we have grown up living in poverty, failures, and in want, our subconscious mind programs our life to unfold those same incidents in our lives. In one simple term, the subconscious is the boss that determines how events will be attracted to our lives. It is emitting vibrations of failures and deprivation to the universe, which returns the signal by matching it. The person continues to meet failure and sufferings. 

And how does this apply in our society? Here is how. Nepalis grow up with the mentality that Nepal is a place where nothing good happens, only foreign land will provide all good things. Nothing happens in Nepal. It is the land of “Ke garne?” Nepalese subconscious mindset is that “we are not capable to do anything, so accept the status quo.”

When this is the subconscious mind programming in our nation, even when we want something from the conscious mind, it will be defeated. It is social programming like computer programming. And what is programmed will be the output. Hence until Nepal changes its mindset with a change in its education system, no fruitful changes can occur in this country.

The leaders are from the same mindset. Their subconscious mindset has been to get to power by any means and then amass wealth for their family. This mindset precludes concerns for people and the nation. Hence even when they show big dreams and talk big, it is not their subconscious programming, so they are saying such things for votes or popularity. Their so-called “development” will never materialize. The current leadership all have blood in their hands, and their programming is either to murder people or to dominate ordinary people by any means. We can observe their mindset in action every day. Their words and action are not in synch. Similarly, democracy and communists are not compatible with each other. It will be like putting a cartwheel on a Tata truck. An authoritarian mindset works against the spirit of people's freedom. 

Hence a scientific approach to our problems and solutions has to be considered for our future. The good news is that the subconscious mind can be retrained. Hence success can be programmed for a person or a nation. 

Posted on 06-17-20 10:32 AM     [Snapshot: 37]     Reply [Subscribe]
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हाम्रो मानसिकता लाए, अह्राएको काम गर्ने थोरैको लिडिङ गर्ने भएको कारणले ठीक बेठिक , के , किन, कसोरी भन्ने तर्क बितर्क कमैले गर्छन् | धेरैले जे पहिलो पल्ट दिमागमा आउछ , सुन्छन तेस्लाई केलाउने काम कहिलै हुँदैन , हाम्रा देशका योजना जस्तै हुन |
अर्को कुरा हाम्रो घर, स्कुल र कालेजमा समेत श्रोता भएर बस्नु असल बानी मानिन्छ तेसैले तर्क र logistic सोच बिचार को कमी कै कारण हामी नेतामुखी भएका छौ अनी नेताहरु ब्यक्तीगत स्वार्थमा लिप्त छन, उनिहरुले जे गर्छन् तेसकै प्रतिबिम्ब हामी देख्ने र भोग्दै छौ | अनी दिमागमा एक पल्ट् छिरेको कुरा मेटन र मेटाउन हाम्रो जीबन कालमा पनि सम्भब छ् जस्तो लाग्दैन् |
Posted on 06-20-20 11:19 AM     [Snapshot: 221]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You are right. Critical thinking skills and questioning everything is not a part of Nepal's upbringing so innovation is hard to come by in Nepal. My own recommendation and mission in life is to change its education system completely so that we can program the mind of our children to be aware of the developments in the world. Their minds have to be trained to respect our culture and heritage and support truth no matter what. There is still a possibility for adults to reprogram their minds. That needs a change of government and the lax social atmosphere. We need more strict discipline and the best people at the leadership to implement such a policy.
Posted on 06-23-20 2:09 AM     [Snapshot: 362]     Reply [Subscribe]
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The problem with nepalese is not that they just listen and follow. In fact, they act like they listen but then do whatever they feel like. It is extremely hard for nepalese to follow conventional rules. Talk to any entrepreneurs and they will tell you how difficult it is to manage nepalese workers compared to indians.

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