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 नाच्न आउदैन आँगन टेड़ो । आफु नालायक छ उल्टै नेपाल झुर देश भन्दै बस्छ ! खातेहरु
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Posted on 02-24-15 9:50 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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For 5 years during my stay in the U.S, I’ve networked with the best of all Nepalese – The Harvard’s and the MIT’s, I’ve associated with the worst – Nepalese who take U.S as their ‘escape-zone’ and I’ve myself been the mediocre – the average student graduating from an average college.

The Ivy League Nepalese graduates now work for Microsoft, IBM, LinkedIn, Facebook & Google. The ‘escapees’ spend their days and nights struggling with their basic needs and procrastinating about Nepal. And the mediocre struggle to find a descent job; most ending up working for companies through agents who book 30% or more commission on their salaries. But neither of these groups knows – what’s in stock for them in Nepal!

In 2011, when I returned to Nepal, I was clueless! But 3 years later, I have an answer to the ultimate question– what’s my purpose!? Thus, this blog is an attempt to convince you – the Nepalese living abroad to come back home and try it out yourselves. Here is why:

Nepal is a goldmine for opportunities: If you’re thinking Nepal got problems then you must know – with problems, come opportunities! You’ve got the chance to solve these problems, create value and make tons of money.

The currency rate doesn’t matter: I know that the most of you think $1 = Rs.100 (approx) and you can make 100 times more living and working abroad. But truth be told, it doesn’t work that way. Your fancy car, your mortgage, rent, living expenses all needs to be accounted for. At the end of the day, you’re as broke or as rich as any other Nepalese here. This includes the Harvard’s and the MIT’s.

Until when: I’ve witnessed wealthy (multi-millionaires) Nepalese come back home in their late 50’s. Their reasoning: Until when would we want to serve a nation that is not ours! Late than never, you must be asking yourself the same question – until when?

Market is better than ever: I’ve talked to entrepreneurs from the past and I’ve witnessed the market in the present and I can only reach to one conclusion: The business climate is better than ever. If you’re concerned about the Constitution, well you should be but that’s not stopping me and other entrepreneurs from running successful ventures.

In between two giants: It’s obvious – the global economy powerhouses are now China and India. The HR expense in Nepal is low. Now, what can you do to leverage this?

To conclude, it does not matter if you work for IBM, it does not matter if you drive a fancy car, it does not matter if you’re living in a mansion (be it in mortgage); what should matter is for you to come back home, serve your nation and most importantly serve yourself !

So, travel the world but come back home, your nation needs you, moreover, you need your nation!

P.S: If you’re thinking of coming back home and have queries and questions, I’d be glad to help you make the right decision. Please email me at: amun.thapa@gmail.com

I listened to this song (on repeat mode) during my stay in the U.S. Ennnjjjoy!

Posted on 02-24-15 10:12 AM     [Snapshot: 36]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You copy and paste a very nice blog: but the attitude you showed with the HEADING diminished the value of the content.
Posted on 02-24-15 10:15 AM     [Snapshot: 49]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 24-Feb-15 11:13 AM

Posted on 02-24-15 10:17 AM     [Snapshot: 43]     Reply [Subscribe]
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यसबाट आशिस्मी भाडाको टट्टू भन्ने पुस्टि हुन्छ | दुइ महिना अघि सम्म अमेरिकामा बस्ने कसैलाइ देखि सहदैनथ्यो | अमेरिकामा बस्नेलाई खातेहरु नेपाल नफर्की भनेर घुर्की लाउथ्यो | अहिले आएर साथी हो कि मालिकले के दुइ सब्द ब्लगमा लेख्यो, त्येसैलाई भालु पुराण सम्झी येह रट्न आयो | ए गधा तेरो सेल्फ रेस्पेक्त र कन्सिस्तेंसी छ कि छैन?
Posted on 02-24-15 10:31 AM     [Snapshot: 98]     Reply [Subscribe]
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होला होला। … बिल गेट्स ……. वारेन बफेट सबैलाई माओबादीले गरेर नै सफल भएका होलान !

अनी तलाई चाई अमेरीकी सरकारले तेरो अदभुत प्रतिभा देखेर तलाई अमेरिकाको भीसा देको होला होइन?

हा हा हा। … मादरचोद खाते
Posted on 02-24-15 10:42 AM     [Snapshot: 125]     Reply [Subscribe]
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aashisme why are you talking in hindi? you sound like dhoti dalaal just like babua ram and prachande
Posted on 02-24-15 11:12 AM     [Snapshot: 198]     Reply [Subscribe]
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एस्तो खाते संग के कुरा गर्नु , मेरै गल्ति हो जस्तो लाग्यो \ गु लाइ चलायो भने पुरै साझा नै गनाउछ |

बरु मेरो अघिल्लो कमेन्ट पनि delete गर्दिन्छु , ..बेक्कारमा \

हुनत आज चै एसले पहिले केहि गरेको थिएन , तर एसको नाम देख्ने बित्तिकै अघि भर्खर पढेको 'हिमाल' को लेख याद आयो अनि राखिहाले \
Posted on 02-24-15 11:14 AM     [Snapshot: 206]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Please stop commenting on his comment: He has nothing to do but degrading others.
Posted on 02-24-15 11:26 AM     [Snapshot: 242]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Such a nice piece of article. Earned a lot of respect and scrolled down to the comment and POOF its gone.
Do you want to change the country ? Why cant we be nice to eachother ? Thats the very root of our problem and need to change that at first. Lets just try to be nice, comment nice , talk nice. Everything is going to fall into its place.
Posted on 02-24-15 12:34 PM     [Snapshot: 284]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Just wondering if you are bringing that 'भाटे जुलुस' here in sajha. 
The content you shared is good but not complete in itself. Though the number of success stories of returnees are growing, its almost in even with failed returnees. (don't have official data but seen personally)

I have no idea on who you are and where you from. But I can see a deep hatred in you for the Nepali in developed countries. In the mean time I don't see a genuine love in you for Nepal and Nepali (Your constant rhetoric to glorify evils of nation). I agree that there are plenty of rotten eggs in Nepali community everywhere in the world but everyone is different. Its your choice who you want to be.

I am curious why you always have bad words to start with? And how many people's mind have you changed so far? How many have willfully agreed upon your statements? Do you see you alone as the right? Have you ever thought of approaching differently? Have you ever thought of /compared the alternative of what you believe in? Do you study opposite view before condemning them?

I assert FTanks statement on our approach to each other on healthy discussion.

Posted on 02-24-15 1:23 PM     [Snapshot: 400]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Please don't feed the troll. Ashishme is a troll in sajha.
Posted on 02-24-15 3:02 PM     [Snapshot: 500]     Reply [Subscribe]
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यी कुकुर र खाते हरु नेपाल मा भैन्जेल केहि हुन्न..यी भुसिया कुकुर र माओबादी नाम को तत्व बिनास नाभैन्जेल नेपाल को विकाश सम्भव छैन...यस्ता भुसिया कुकुर को भुकाइ हेर्न के नेपाल आउने खोइ?
Posted on 02-24-15 4:25 PM     [Snapshot: 576]     Reply [Subscribe]
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कुनै बेला मास्टर्स डिग्री लिने हरुलाई गाउ बिकास भनि १० मनिना पठाउथ्यो , पछि पंचायत बिरोधि भयो भनि बन्द गरे | यी माओबादि हरुको पनि तेस्तै चाहना छ | सबै विदेश बात फर्के भने जनता नया कुरा हरु सुनी पार्टी छोड्लान भन्ने डर छ |
काठमाडौ कस्तो भयो रे ? सोलार बत्ति सडकमा राखिदिएको सिंगापुर भयो भनेको हो ? बिस्तारै त्यो पनि एउटा एउटा गरि घर घर पुग्ला : सडकमा चाहि पोल मात्रै ? तेस्को अगुवाई गर्ने यही भातमारालाइ चुन्लान :
Posted on 02-24-15 7:29 PM     [Snapshot: 724]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ya u need to specify what u did after returning and how u making tons of money to make ur life easier, if u can i am returning rt away, ban ko char ban mai ramaucha re k
Posted on 02-25-15 2:19 AM     [Snapshot: 935]     Reply [Subscribe]
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nah returning Nepal is the worst mistake anybody can make. I had the same felling as above article. I went to Nepal, got a job in most reputated hospital as systems manager and did give lectures on IT. For few month was happy. I thought nepal was the best place then things came like politics. Man it was so horrible that I had to return back in one and half year. They try to bribe you and you fight for good service and this politics was so bad couldn't handle anymore. Now am happy that am back I live for my family here. Going to Nepal was a mistake. It took me 3 years to return back to the status of what I was before Going to nepal and still working on it. This things are misleading if you are abroad and your friends are too do not go back. When things bite they take everything from you. We don't lie or cheat. In Nepal you have to do that. My 2 and half cents. Just be careful of these types of misleading articles.
Posted on 02-25-15 4:40 AM     [Snapshot: 968]     Reply [Subscribe]
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नेपालको कर्मचारीले घुस लिने भनेको त्यो संग हो जसले आफै गलत काम गर्ने गर्छ !

ल अब भन त कुन reputeted हस्पिटलमा सिस्टम म्यनजेर भएर काम गरेको थीस ? तेरो नाम र त्यो हस्पिटल को नाम दे त ! म पनी सानो खोज तलास गर्छु !

अर्को कुरा त सिस्टम म्यनजेर भए पछी तैले कसलाई र कसरी घुस खुवाउन पर्यो !

ह हा हा। ……जो चोर उसकै ठुलो स्वोर …….
Posted on 02-25-15 7:46 AM     [Snapshot: 1034]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 19-Mar-15 02:07 PM

Posted on 02-25-15 8:54 AM     [Snapshot: 1083]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Duitai wrong. Prachande matra haina maobaadi kaa bharaute haru paalai paalo yesko ghar ma baas basna aauthe!!!
Posted on 02-25-15 9:16 AM     [Snapshot: 1105]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Seems that Ashisme did not understand what many wrote in simple english. He says 'they try to bribe you to do or not to do something'.

यो मान्छेत लोकमान नै हो कि क्या हो , घुस लिने दिनेको सबै विवरण माग्छ \

Posted on 02-25-15 9:50 AM     [Snapshot: 1126]     Reply [Subscribe]
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सम्पुर्ण साझा बासि हरु : यो खातेको काम कपि र पेस्ट गर्नु हो :आफुले भनेको कुरा सधै सहि र अरुलाई तल हेर्नु र सानामा हामि जित्न नसके गालि गलौज तिर लाग्थ्यो हुबहु तेही गर्छ | गुहु लाइ चलाए गनाउछ :

अब देखि यसको धागोमा जबाफ नै नलेखौ : उसले हाम्रो input खोजेको होइन फगत कट र पेस्ट मात्रै हो | एउटलाई माधारचोद भनि हाल्यो |
Last edited: 25-Feb-15 09:51 AM


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