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 Facebook Demeanour
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Posted on 05-05-14 8:32 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Today, I stopped scrolling my Facebook homepage as I stumbled across my younger sister’s friend’s status.

It read “I still love my ex ”.

And for a while I was dumbstruck at what my eyes were sighting and meanwhile I couldn’t help but let out a cackle. I, however, lowered my intensity of volume when my roommate gazed at me with a “Are you insane?” look. I re-entered the Facebook world and pictured in my mind, my little sister, who is just in the verge of stepping in the teen years. Though thankfully, she hasn’t Facebook-ed about her speedy transformation into an adolescent yet it made me wonder if these girls are growing up too fast or are they socialising too much?

Well when I was thirteen, I used to sack my bag to the corner as soon as I returned home from school and glue my eyes to the television screen until dinner. Cartoon network and the most awaited Mumin, every Wednesday evening.

“You’ll diminish your eyesight this way”, my mother used to advise me for the umpteenth time and my result of turning deaf ears towards her burdened me with short-sighted glasses for life.

Now returning back to the Facebook freaks...we all have these annoying people in our friend lists, don’t we? Someone who changes profile picture every 8 hourly as if it were some medication to be taken three times a day. Someone who even posts the picture of food they’re about to have…or the so called “King/Queen of selfies” without concerning how bad the picture turns out. Or this other one, who posts about every activity he/she does throughout the day…as if we’re waiting for their mundane details. Then this friend who checks in at every expensive restaurants and shopping malls while only God knows if they really made it up to there. Oh and this one who likes every update about everyone…even our Candy Crush activity. Lol. Yesterday, I saw someone like the page “I Hate The Sun” and I was like “Really, you hate something that provides us brightness? You must be pretty sick then”.

Those love-blinded couples who scribble each other’s wall with “I love you, baby” or “Can’t wait for our date tonight” notes. Seriously?  If you love each other so much, why should the world know about it? Go get some life. Then this bewildered, despondent old friend who never has a sunshine update…and thinks the Facebook wall is his tissue paper. Also this desperate womanizer whose existence gives you goose bumps…or this misogynist whom you no wonder loathe like hell but still manage to tolerate his jiggery-pokery rambling your homepage.

Do you have your teachers on your friend list too? Then you know how carefully you’ve got to interpret your every move before pressing that enter button. Basically my teacher has once caught me lying about an undone assignment. He was like “You’ve got plenty of time to cross these many levels in Farm Heroes but none for the study” and I was like LOL. He made me write an apology letter. So if you ask me, NEVER-EVER accept your teacher’s friend request.

And half of the friends on your list are those whom you see every day but have never talked to each other outside the virtual world that Mark Zuckerberg created for us…and is earning a lot of money, of course.

Seeing these desperate updates minimizes my oomph to create an update which ultimately ends up my friends scribbling my wall with “K ho? Kata harayis aajkal?” and it makes me laugh.

 I’m not pontificating but it’s more fun laughing at others. So if you are among those who hasn’t changed your profile picture for 7 months now and haven’t written a single status update for 2 years in a row but still log into your Facebook account every day to get updated about the updates then give me a shout out!

Posted on 05-05-14 1:23 PM     [Snapshot: 116]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Facebook bhaypani nahune nabhayepani nahune. I have a love hate relationship with lot of people in my facebook too.
Posted on 05-05-14 2:33 PM     [Snapshot: 175]     Reply [Subscribe]
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timile baccha huda mumin herthyou bhanechi, you're a post 90's generation. Timi pani afno age bhanda dherai nai mature bhai sake bhanne agema nai chau. So, baini le fb ma keke nana thari gareko dekhda tesko lagnu swabhabihk ho. When you are are truly matured you will not even care about it unlike writing a whole page about it. Also, fb dekhi wakka lagyo bhane phase ma chau timi, don't get carried away.
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Posted on 05-05-14 3:46 PM     [Snapshot: 217]     Reply [Subscribe]
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sambidha, it's a nice name..though i ain't know the meaning of it.
manche pani ramree nai raicau.. single ho ki? :P
But, however, sounds like you're pretty boring. :)
if mark is earning $billons, he well deserves it. Facebook, such a cool app able to connect millions. manchelai yeha true lop parisakyo, via facebook..thanks to mark. :)
teen baini sanga kina yesto bidi jealousy.. or.. irritation..that's her age to be in the world of romance..no tension..no worries for duties and responsibilities..just enjoy the wonderful life.
sounds like you've never been in relationship during your teenage..so you ain't aware the beauty of romance @ that age. Indeed experience does matter. :P
BTW do you like Ellen's selfie from Oscar which is the most re-tweeted selfie ever at the time being? If you do, there should not be any hassle or irritation on those cool people, couples who do share their happiness, selfies, love, moments with the world at least not like the one who is so boring not to update pic since 7 months and haven’t written a single status update for 2 years. I wonder why such boring people are even in facebook. oh yaa! got it. to check out the other profile and afai manmani murmurinalai..lol..k bhanca re testo manchelai, in out nepali lanague..ghusghuse and dahade..:P
kasto raica ta your sir..student lai friend request pathaune..ma ta bhako lai pani unfriend gardinchu..unless they're not so much judgmental like you and of course as beautiful as you. :)
Posted on 05-05-14 4:32 PM     [Snapshot: 255]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Well I was thinking about creating my Facebook and then I read this......said to myself "let it go, Let it go".
Posted on 05-05-14 4:51 PM     [Snapshot: 283]     Reply [Subscribe]
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So if you are among those who hasn’t changed your profile picture for 7 months now and haven’t written a single status update for 2 years in a row but still log into your Facebook account every day to get updated about the updates then give me a shout out! ..you got 1..as I like to talk about topics rather than shelfies..shelfies are for the masses and that's not bad either. it's perspective. This study finds that the most active fb users have low self esteem..and i have no time to hang around with such people

Last edited: 05-May-14 04:55 PM

Posted on 05-06-14 7:04 AM     [Snapshot: 408]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@sojoketo- lol firstly I wouldn't tag myself as 'boring' because I don't spend hours updating my profile and I've have got no effing problem with Mark earning money...he's got mind and he deserves it
ani regarding my sista...the last thing I'd do to her would get jealous and irritated...she's such a darling...but I'd prefer her meeting the love of her life in the real world first rather than behind the computer screen...and even if she claims that she met 'the one' in the virtual world, I don't think the beginning of the teen years is when she can rationally distinguish between infatuation or what you called 'romance' or true feelings...my sister's friend already has an ex at this age and had she had proper counselling maybe she'd still be with him or maybe focusing on her studies rather than creating an update...it isn't jealousy, it's a genuine concern
BTW Ellen's selfie is great and so are many of my friends' but in my view all those who always share selfies and love/hate bound posts are not very cool...coolness is clicking pictures for memories and not for "ali ramro photo khich hai...malai belka pp change garnu cha" and joining the marathon of getting highest likes...lol
to check out the other profile and afai manmani murmurinalai re...lol...there's no reason muttering to myself for these petty reasons...what I do is see, smile and forget...and if there's something that intrigues my mind then I write a whole page about it
seems like you don't have a younger sibling to get concerned about
like I said I'm not pontificating and this is not a global view and I don't intend to suggest anyone to quit using facebook...yeti pani nabujhe pachi nepali ma euta उखान छ...k bhancha re...बुझ्नेलाई श्रीखण्ड नबुझ्नेलाई खुर्पाको बिंड...unless they're not much pre-occupied and of course smart as you... :)
Posted on 05-06-14 11:22 AM     [Snapshot: 503]     Reply [Subscribe]
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nice reply in a sarcastic ironic way. like it.
You hvn't given the answer of my question , single ho ki? :)
i bet your response would be, 'i don't think it is necessary to give a reply to unnecessary question' . :) can't help with the attitude of the one who do not update the pic for 7 months and no post for 2 years. :)
no matter you don't tag yourself as a queen of boredom, however i ain't hesitate unless you now update your recent pic and a status in your facebook profile. I know well, why in the world would you be doing so? sometimes my perceptiveness of a character does work. :)

don't have younger siblings to be worried about but much worried about lots of younger siblings of someone like you for they probably meet a freak like the one who had responded to this thread.. :) don't want a romantic one to get submerged in the ocean of boredom, permanently. :)

sounds like celebrities and sambidha's friends are only good for posting their selfies.
baba..aam manche le ta aba afnai facebook profile ma selfie pani post garna sochnuparne bho..lol..
'बुझ्नेलाई श्रीखण्ड नबुझ्नेलाई खुर्पाको बिंड.' कुन सन्दर्भमा?
म त रोमान्टिक सोजो केटो, अरुको खुसि मा पनि i do smile and ain't back off to like for any of the selfies, post of any aam manche whether they are celebrities or not and sambidha's good looking friends or not. .:)

sojo keto is like..do whatever you like to do, enjoy the way you want to, unless it is something that harms yourself and others. :)
ajhai ma mero selfie lai cover pic banauchu...well! let me take a selfie .. :)

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Posted on 05-08-14 6:37 AM     [Snapshot: 652]     Reply [Subscribe]
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well you've already taken the privilege of answering my part of the question...so can't help with the attitude of the one who takes selfies for cover photo :)
well you call me boring http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1318265/Facebook-addicts-risk-losing-friends-people-bored-constant-updates.html
ani i never said celebrities and mine friends are the only ones who are good at selfies...timro friends and like you said "aam manche" ko selfie ko bare ma maile kei comment gareko chaina...it's all about the ones in my list...and I'm not even implying to one particular person यही सन्दर्भमा 'बुझ्नेलाई श्रीखण्ड नबुझ्नेलाई खुर्पाको बिंड'
then I'm like make harmless fun of others as soon as you notice it... :)
Posted on 05-08-14 9:20 AM     [Snapshot: 686]     Reply [Subscribe]
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much appreciated for granting a privilege of answering your part of the question. i'm overwhelmed. :)

"Facebook addicts are at most risk of LOSING their friends because people get sick of their updates"
probably true: for people(one in 1000 someone like sambidha who ain't like and comment on status or facebook pic of others, who for sure have not taken any selfie of her till date and that may never happen :0 )
rest of 999(someone like sojo keto, aam manche :) ) probably would not get sick of facebook update. :in fact i enjoy it)

Sambidha, you are queen of boredom.==Sambidha, you not a princess of romance, fun

both kinda resembles the same . just a diplomatic way of satirizing one.
"ani i never said celebrities and mine friends are the only ones who are good at selfies" ==
aru sidha sadha manche ko selfie is annoying :)

btw, facebook pic update garyouta?
ani how about status?
Posted on 05-09-14 3:48 AM     [Snapshot: 806]     Reply [Subscribe]
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whoa! I've never said I never like and comment on anyone's status updates and photos...you're making up ur own things AGAIN...and seems like you didn't read the article well because there's a list of reasons why people lose friends on Facebook...but it's a research anyway...
of course how nice the world turn to if every one had sojoketo's altruistic eyes...lol
well I may not be a hopeless romantic...nor that I long to be...but I sure ain't a boredom queen...which reminds me when at first you put on a 'judgemental' tag on me but
now I see you're judging someone as boring just based on an evidence that they're an inactive users of a social networking site despite of the fact...we all can be judgemental at times, can't we? And I'm sure staying for hours engrossed in the computer screen is not the only way to eliminate the boredom in our lives...:)
ani I'm nowhere around the thoughts of uploading status or changing picture any time soon...the ones who care already know what I'm up to and how I look like and for those whom my existence doesn't matter, I don't intend to publicize my every move and my every wrinkle with days... :)
Posted on 05-10-14 10:54 AM     [Snapshot: 918]     Reply [Subscribe]
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what can i say, except, girl's attitude is something that is unchangeable, no matter what . :)
I didn't and haven't declared yet that sambidha is a queen of boredom. I did say that i ain't hesitate to tag the one as a super boring queen who doesn't update pic and status for such a long period. despite being in a social networking site. That is oppose to facebook's principle. :P

7 months ma ta SWEET girl changes @ least 70 profile pics and  +2 months ma ta her cover pic would be cute born baby of hers :) 

ani I'm nowhere around the thoughts of uploading status or changing picture any time soon...
tha thiyo malai..in fact sabailai :)
attitude,ego, proud..god's gift to every girls. :)

the ones who care already know what I'm up to and how I look like and for those whom my existence doesn't matter, 
how about those secret admirers of yours who perhaps listed in your facebook friend list and who frequently search you in facebook , just to have a glance of your pretty face :P
not flattering..as i know how do you look..malai ta ramro lagyo :) ..i do have your pic too..ma nai tag garideeu ki kya ho timro facebook ma..lol.. just saying

I don't intend to publicize my every move and my every wrinkle with days... :) 
girl.. do it..sojoketo ain't mind..
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Posted on 05-11-14 11:09 AM     [Snapshot: 1054]     Reply [Subscribe]
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sambidha, you should rewatch mumin or atleast try ( its in youtube) if you havent done it already ! i cringed so hard recalling i once skipped an exam to watch mumin !

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