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 Kids and Bullying!!!
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Posted on 04-24-14 9:49 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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A ten year old kid told me his story of being bullied.
Over a nice Strawberry Sundae, he told me how he is bullied by the other kids in the society that he lives in. They pick on him over his size ( he got a very good built for his age), they gang up against him everytime and they beat the $h!t out of him. The mother tried to talk to the parents of these kids but the parents are very indifferent about this issue. This kid has stopped going out and play with other kids. His confidence has been tempered.
What do you suggest the parents to do? what kind of counselling should be done to the kid? Is retaliation a solution? Should the parents send the kid for some self defense classes???

Posted on 04-24-14 10:29 AM     [Snapshot: 32]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Serious issue here, amby
have no idea what to do other than beat up those kids....heheheh
one thing, I can say u love kids.....
Posted on 04-24-14 10:33 AM     [Snapshot: 40]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I also felt the same...but that will not solve the issue...
yea I love kids...and I like to help them!
Posted on 04-24-14 11:12 AM     [Snapshot: 77]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ambrosia aunty,
help me then. I am still a kid. sojo kid. :)
Posted on 04-24-14 11:17 AM     [Snapshot: 92]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sojo.....this is a serious issue......plz help!!
Posted on 04-24-14 11:32 AM     [Snapshot: 98]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hello Amby. This does seem serious issue and which happens in most of the parts of the world.
PROBLEM: SIZE of the kid; Bullying; Kid is alone;
GOOD: This kid's parents are concerned
BAD: Other kids' parents are NOT
SOLUTION: Try to find some common sports between this kid and other kids.

For example: Soccer (WC14 is coming)

In soccer you have two teams, at least the half of the team will not be bullying him. He will be secured and at least feel that he is supported by his team mates. However, he should play and practice quite often. So, that he can show things off to others. In this way, he can be friends with his team mates and slowly other team kids will stop bullying thinking he's got his boys now.


Choose do some other sports with other kids. But, here again, this kid should be good at it. And, while playing or hanging out with them, the KIDS who BULLY him should see him hanging around with these guys (and respecting him). Then I think it will automatically stop.

Amby, the bottom line is he should show ppl that he is not alone. He has other kids who support him.

I am not sure this is right or wrong. Just coming thoughts from my own childhood experience, where I had no strength to block these kids. However, I had HUGE support from my guys (LAST BENCH) although I was first BENCH guy. Nobody ever touched me or point a finger at me. Once a kid (from grade 4) did when I was in grade 5. Oh God, that kid got ram dhulai from my boys. He was absent for 1 and half month.

Anyways, Good Luck Amby !!
Posted on 04-24-14 11:33 AM     [Snapshot: 115]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Its better to have friendship with those kids instead of retaliation. Invite those kids on some kind of gathering in bigger kids house or a public park. Parents loving nature towards kids could change their attitude.
Posted on 04-24-14 11:33 AM     [Snapshot: 99]     Reply [Subscribe]
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if in school, talk to the principle, teacher, discipline in charge of school.
if at home, society,  convince the kid  that no harm can be made to him/her by those bullies. 
all he/she needs to do is to avoid those bullies like one avoids the mad dog.
I know it ain't  that easy the way i m saying but giving a try leads to achieve what u desire.
Above all, the parents should never let their child to be bullied by anyone.
Being watchdog of your children wouldn't hurt :)
Last edited: 24-Apr-14 02:41 PM
Last edited: 24-Apr-14 02:42 PM

Posted on 04-24-14 2:05 PM     [Snapshot: 183]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Tell the kid when they gather around just run away. Schoolma ho bhane teacher bhande huncha. or school nai change garna lagaye huncha. you cannot change the habit of the other kids. Aba baccha ko bau ama sang kura garna gayechau bhane kei hola but i think it will make those kids more mad and beat him. Achar banaidela.
Ma baccha huda malai tannaile jiskauthyo, but then i found out that sable sablai jiskai nai rako hunthyo. I was feeling I am the only one who is the victim of jiskyaing. So, i started to enjoy the fun making. maiel ni jiskauna suru gare ani khai aba those are my friends for life.
bullying in nepal is very different that in usa. where the ugly kid/ geek kid/ gets bullied. Just make sure that the kid is motivated or get him into sports. Other than that, i think the kid simply needs to man up. school ma najiskaye kaile jiskaune.
Posted on 04-24-14 2:41 PM     [Snapshot: 198]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I have two boys - I am friends with all of their friends - as young as 4 years old kid. I want to know who my kids are hanging out with - "Sangat le bigarcha" - it is very true. One thing that worked for me is I am always doing school work with my kids like chaperon, substitute teacher, and even sports instructor etc. I am very involved with my kids activities - they are almost like my friends. I usually pick the toughest and bad boy of the class and befriend him and introduce my kids - that seems to be working so far.
I feel sorry for that kid and I was his parents I would go talk to the boys that are bullying them and talk to them like DINDUKHI mentioned - call them and have a party.
I pray for that kid - feels like its happening to my own kid.
Posted on 04-24-14 3:30 PM     [Snapshot: 244]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Best solution is to make his own gang. Find the strong kids from other places and bribe them with food or stuffs you have. Make them close. Also be part of the sports and karate team. Then nobody will bully you. When I was young I was not constantly bullied but was bullied sometime. Then the feeling of getting strong came to my mind. Then I started working out and becoming strong. As long as you are strong, nobody dares to touch you. Plus you need to be good at school and help those fellow low grades with school. All the issues will be solved.
Posted on 04-24-14 5:08 PM     [Snapshot: 305]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Fully agree with CYKA !! If the parents complain to principle or other teachers........ just imagine that you are one of those "OTHER KIDS" ...... obviously you will think

पख यो मुलालाई... आज छुट्टि त हुन दे .... टिचरलाई कम्प्लेन गर्ने हैन ? .... केटा हो आज यसको बाउको बिहे देखाऊनु पर्छ है......

Posted on 04-24-14 7:46 PM     [Snapshot: 362]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am trying to morally help this kid.....he said he doesnt want to hurt anyone and in the process he himself is the victim......The worse is that girls from the society love him (LOL)....you know popular between girls..... And because he talks to the girls ...they started calling him "gay"....mind it these kids are only of the age of 10-14......
This is not an issue at school but at the complex they live....
I appreciate everyone for posting in their suggestion.....I will talk to my friend and her kid as well....I felt really unhappy to see the kid into tears when he told me his story( his mom was not around when we talked)......he opened up and told me everything!

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