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 Bir Gorkhali !!
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Posted on 04-11-13 9:18 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 04-11-13 9:25 AM     [Snapshot: 1]     Reply [Subscribe]
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उल्टो शिर्षक राख्यौ ...

यस्तो हुनुपर्थ्यो

वीर आशिसमीहरु !!!

ज्यानमाराहरु ....

Posted on 04-11-13 9:44 AM     [Snapshot: 25]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Looking at the first picture, I thought people were trying to help or save someone in trouble. Scrolling further down, it was just the opposite.

And somebody celebrating it? Just sickening.
Posted on 04-11-13 9:47 AM     [Snapshot: 37]     Reply [Subscribe]
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तेस्को  girlfriend लाई तेसरी मारेको देखेर खूब psycho पर्यो जस्तो यो tiger पाखे लाई  ha ha ha
Last edited: 11-Apr-13 09:48 AM

Posted on 04-11-13 10:10 AM     [Snapshot: 72]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 nepali haru ma ciurtesy ani politeness chhaina. if you have lived in the western world for a few years and then visit Nepal, you will know what I mean.

this leopard killed people but its the nature of the beast. isnt there a better way of doing this instead of the whole village beating this poor animal to death?

sachhi nai, sakney US, UK gaye.....nasakney arab gaye paisa kamauna ani aru lai hepera, chorera, thagera khaney haru chhai kahi pani jana parena...nepal ma nai thupriye.

Posted on 04-11-13 10:48 AM     [Snapshot: 121]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Bichar janawar
Posted on 04-11-13 11:37 AM     [Snapshot: 167]     Reply [Subscribe]
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आशिष जस्ता कामरेडहरुलाई बाबुराम, प्रचण्ड र बैद्यले सिकायको प्रजातन्त्र नै यहि हो । कसैलाई यसरि खुलारूपमा अनियन्त्रित भीडबाट कुटेर मार्न नपाएसम्म उनीहरुको मूल उदेश्य पूरा हुदैन र क्रान्ति जारी रहनेछ । त्यसैले त आशिष कामरेड यो फोटो देखनासाथ  प्रजातन्त्र यहि हो भनेर उफ्रिन थाल्नु भयो । यो त केवल एउटा नमुना हो । यसरी निरिह प्राणीलाई त माओबादीले कति मारे कति - कतिको हातखुट्टा भाचिदिये, कत्तिलाई बलात्कार गरे, कतिको टाउको फुटाए, कतिलाई बाधेर गोलि चलाए त कतिलाई कुटेर जिउदै गाढीदिए । उनीहरुको लागि वीरता भनेकै यहि हो ।
नेपालमा रहेका त्यति धेरै बन्यजन्तु सम्बन्धि संघ-संस्थाहरुले किन यसमा चासो नलिएको होला? मलाई खुशी लाग्यो कि साझाका धेरै साथीहरुले यसको वैकल्पिक समाधान हुन सक्छ र यसमा पाशविकता देखि यो निरिह जन्तु माथि दया देखाउनु भयो । 

Posted on 04-11-13 12:16 PM     [Snapshot: 198]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Bir gorkhali ? What is so fugging bir about a mob killing an innocent wild animal that is an endangered species MORON ASHISHME ? This just shows the mentality of the fugging IDIOTS who are running the country. They dun know their head from their ass.  WHY DON'T YOU START EATING FROM YOUR ANUS AND START SHITTING FROM YOUT MOUTH ... YOU SHIT FOR BRAINS !!
Last edited: 11-Apr-13 02:22 PM

Posted on 04-11-13 12:33 PM     [Snapshot: 220]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Too much population of humans in the world, encroaching into the habitat of these animals. Nepal is fast losing her natural beauty and slowly these wildlife will be gone. But no one seems to be bothered. I remember those monkeys around pashupatinath (I mean the real monkeys). Last time used to be a lot but slowly there are less of them. The forest area nearby also seems to have thinned down a lot.
Posted on 04-11-13 1:44 PM     [Snapshot: 262]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Episode second of inhuman killing of a helpless animal. The first one was the slaughter of a dog in the street by policemen. The more I see these kinds of act, the more I get disgusted by our own countrymen. Ganging up on a poor animal is easier than speaking against government atrocities. There is nothing “bir” in gorkhali, just dumbness.  

Last edited: 11-Apr-13 01:44 PM

Posted on 04-11-13 5:58 PM     [Snapshot: 362]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Bir Gurkhali re? Euta leopard lai sara gaule milera marera. The way they dragging looks inhuman. 
Ashisme that is a leopard bro not tiger. Leopards r beautiful n on the verge of xtinction. I have a dream to tame their cubs someday.
Biswas prawashi I agree totally.
Posted on 04-11-13 7:15 PM     [Snapshot: 404]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I dont like the topic saying Bir Gorkhali but i dont think this is wrong. At least in case like our country. They animal was going to kill some innocent people out there and we all knows nepali government officials animal capture department officers ; they cant wait till they come after days to see how many people got killed and what happened !!

Posted on 04-12-13 4:50 AM     [Snapshot: 609]     Reply [Subscribe]
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And this is Revolution, right superpakhe Ashisme? Yo mao tattu ko ta dimag pani kando ko dulo ma chhha ki kyaho??

Posted on 04-12-13 5:58 AM     [Snapshot: 624]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 04-12-13 9:38 PM     [Snapshot: 734]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 14-Apr-13 02:05 AM

Posted on 04-14-13 11:10 AM     [Snapshot: 869]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Animal on animal

  • Savage glee with which a leopard was murdered calls human ‘civilisation’ into question


    APR 12 -

    The diving line between man and beast is blurry at best. Despite the fact that we humans tend to think of ourselves as separate, and above, animals, frequent incidents serve to remind us that we are no better and oftentimes, worse. Humankind, since its modern evolution, has been the cause of countless animal extinctions, mostly through habitat encroachment but also through blatant hunting and killing for food and sport. Still more species are on the verge of disappearing, with forests and jungles being decimated and the oceans massively polluted and overfished. The few that we are trying to save end up in fenced off sanctuaries and national parks or worse, in zoos. Wild animals aside, the state of domestic animals, especially in Kathmandu, are not much better. Stray dogs and cats roam the city streets in the thousands. When they get sick or contract rabies, they are, mercilessly beaten to death, as one YouTube video was witness to, or left to die a slow, ponderous death.

    On Wednesday morning, a leopard that had been tormenting locals of the Pashupati area with attacks on them and their livestock, was cornered by a horde of people. Officials from the Forest Ministry and the Central Zoo attempted to tranquilise the cat, but the leopard, concealed in a bamboo thicket, managed to neatly avoid all tranquiliser darts. Vindictive locals then began to openly taunt and throw things at the hiding leopard. Now

    enraged, the leopard leapt out, sending people scattering helter-skelter in a cloud of dust. But this fight, like any between man and animal, was never fair. Confronted with more than a hundred humans, armed with sharpened sticks, bamboo poles and various agricultural implements, the leopard was no match. Trapped in the morning, it was late afternoon by the time the leopard was brutally bludgeoned to death.

    The images of the leopard being beaten are heartbreaking. The savage glee with which countless youth are taking part in the slow, horrific slaying of an animal makes a big dent in the conception of humans as ‘civilised.’ Locals were understandably angry at the beast for attacking them and their livestock but anger is no excuse for such a barbaric beating. Tranquilisers, trained professionals and animal control officials are needed to take such wild animals into control. The leopard is a critically endangered animal. With rapid urbanisation and settlement, its habitat is being wiped out and its natural prey are becoming increasingly more difficult to find. The Kathmandu Valley, with its surrounding forests, sees such leopard visits periodically as they wander into human settlements, not out of choice but necessity and confusion. The leopard in its natural habitat is a beautiful animal—long, lithe and graceful. Amid concrete buildings, humans and vehicles, it is a confused animal at a loss for where to turn. As possessors of a greater intellect, we must remember that we do not own this planet but share it with our animal brethren.



    Posted on: 2013-04-12 08:32 


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