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 Paras Sarkar's message to well wishers from hospital

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Posted on 03-19-13 10:40 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Welcome back Paras Sarkar!

The postings in this thread span 3 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 03-20-13 2:00 PM     [Snapshot: 1208]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Kiddo bro Paras didn't ask anyone to call him sarkar, If someone does it its upto them.  Let me give you few example of how he is: Paras along with himani and their ADC was at my friends wedding in Nepal back when he was CP,  Someone from his batch called him sarkar and he asked his classmate "don't call me sarkar, we grew up together as friends and keep it that way and call me paras". along that night after few alcohol some of his seniors started calling him "paras bhai" which we all did inside the school but his ADC gave my buddy a dirty look and Paras pulled his ADC aside and said "this is our school talk  and don't get in between".

Bootom line is if someone calls him sarkar thats their interest but was not forced,
Glad paras is well and started updating his facebook page
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Last edited: 20-Mar-13 02:04 PM

Posted on 03-20-13 2:18 PM     [Snapshot: 1276]     Reply [Subscribe]
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मैले यो नारायण गोपालको गीत र पारस को वक्तब्य बीच को सम्बन्ध बुज्न सकिन् |

हिजो मात्र मैले नेपालीहरुलाई आफूसँग भए नभएको बल लगाएर माथि ठेल्न प्रयत्नरत छु भन्ने कुरा भएको थियो | यहाँ नि ठेल्न लागेको देखे | शायद यो मेरो हेर्ने आँखा नै दोषी होला |

 मृत्युशैयाबाट फर्केकोलाई यो गीत मलाई उचित लागेन |
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Posted on 03-20-13 2:27 PM     [Snapshot: 1227]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I typically do not reply in such threads that instigate controversies that are uncalled for, but this was mighty interesting. We all are entitled to our opinions and we all have our beliefs, despite good arguments deliberated against us. With that being said, I am not trying to put forth a biased judgment here, nor that I am trying to delve only on the negative aspects of Paras.
But before expounding what I believe in, I had this lengthy discourse with my mother over skype last month.
‘I feel bad for him, he has little kids and wife; may he live’ was what my mother said.
Now, there Is nothing wrong with it. She is a good soul, she sympathized someone close to death. But little did she know (or at least was completely oblivious at that time) that the very person she is praying for abandoned his wife and kids and stayed with a girlfriend, consumed marijuana, vandalized an apartment, stopped taking medication and then had a cardiac arrest. It is not that he was trying to help a poor soul and got run over by a bus. What we need to understand is that the bonding, love, kinship in our family is completely different with Paras’s family. He has so much wealth and power and sidekicks, he doesn’t need a mom to kiss his forehead every morning or a wife to give him a backrub after he returns from a hard day work. If it is still not clear to many, our version of LOVE is different than his.
And this reply is to the facebook poster Miss Bhandari - you need to discern between a good judge of character and a fool that finds pleasure in negativity. Your point would have been valid for someone like Tiger Woods, maybe (even though I have issues with forgiving him sometimes), but here we are speaking of Paras Shah - the effing monster that never changed. Just when we started sympathizing, he came off with his stupid immoral shenanigans and proved us wrong ‘numerous times’ and will continue to do so.

If Paras had abandoned his misdeeds and became a humanitarian for at least few years and then had a cardiac arrest, believe me, I would be the first person to start a thread in his support.
Last edited: 20-Mar-13 02:37 PM

Posted on 03-20-13 2:36 PM     [Snapshot: 1300]     Reply [Subscribe]
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कन्फ्युज सोल जि,
यहाँको आँखा साँच्चै नै कमजोर भएको जस्तो छ । एक चोटि जाँच गराउदा राम्रै होला ।

यहाँ मैले पारस शाहको लागि यो गीत राखेको होइन र उनलाई मैले ठेल्नु पर्ने पनि कुनै कारण छैन । उनी आँफैले भएको नभएको कुरा ठेलेर अहिलेको अवस्थामा पुगेका हुन् । मलाई यसमा दु:ख मनाउ गर्नु पनि छैन, खुशीले बुर्लुक्क बुर्लुक्क उफ्रनु पनि छैन ।

यदी फेरी पनि मैले यो गीत कसको लागि र किन लागि राखेको बुझ्नु हुन्न भने नबुझेकै जाती ..
Posted on 03-20-13 3:21 PM     [Snapshot: 1400]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You came to spring into the defense of Paras but didn't care to read what I write, it seems. Where did I hold Paras responsible for the "sarkar" title that people are using? Before you go in length about describing him, let me tell you I have a good deal of information on CP. Let me end it there before we have a full-on discussion and I start revealing too many things about my personal life.
Posted on 03-20-13 3:47 PM     [Snapshot: 1438]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Well said behoove_me....I have no sympathy for spoilbrat like Paras. That said, if he changed his behavior and repent for his past deed then I won't have any problem.
Last edited: 20-Mar-13 03:59 PM

Posted on 03-20-13 4:08 PM     [Snapshot: 1456]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thank you Rahasya,

When I read few of the contents of this thread, I just couldn't believe we could be so naive. This guy was an arrogant monster, he has history of wrongdoings (now that means I do not think he killed the royal family as many of us believe) and he suffers a cardiac arrest not because of running on a treadmill, not because of family history (well maybe), or helping poors in rural Nepal BUT imbibing alcohol beyond limits, drug abuse, vandalism and every forbidden misdeeds and some of us start entering our best wishes in public forums.

I couldn't find a single example of he doing something good, except smile at some awestruck onlooker or hushing his ADC who was a little worked up on someone not calling him 'sarkar'. If those stupid examples make him a great human being who's good health is sought by many, then given my vices - I am no less than Gautam Buddha.

Rather than flipping sides and making fitful and rash decisions, we Nepalese need thorough introspection. Forgiving one crime is generosity, forgiving two crimes is magnanimity, but forgiving multiple crimes and repeat behaviors is stupidity.
Last edited: 20-Mar-13 04:12 PM

Posted on 03-20-13 5:46 PM     [Snapshot: 1582]     Reply [Subscribe]
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After witnessing many accounts of families of murder/rape victim forgiving suspects while serving jury duty or having read those stories on the news, (not saying they all do) but I simply find no place to comment back in this narrowmindedness, where forgiveness is regarded as stupidity. Some people do forgive with their full consciense, it takes godly strength to do so when it has happened to them.

Posted on 03-20-13 6:02 PM     [Snapshot: 1645]     Reply [Subscribe]
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डाका को सरदार भन्नखोज्या होला सरकार होइन ||

Why make a big deal out of it.

Posted on 03-21-13 11:21 AM     [Snapshot: 1987]     Reply [Subscribe]
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"डाका को सरदार भन्नखोज्या होला सरकार होइन |"

Very funny, Sidster!!!  Thanks for the good laugh.

Posted on 03-22-13 3:46 PM     [Snapshot: 2272]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Paras Sarkar thanks everyone who wished him well and also those who didn't wish him well. He realizes that in the past he has not behaved upto everyone's expectations but that he will be a changed man after this near death experience.

Calling him sarkar or not is the individual right, that should not be an issue in a democratic society.

Posted on 03-22-13 4:17 PM     [Snapshot: 2308]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Criticizing somebody for calling anybody sarkar is the individual right, that should not be an issue in a democratic society.
Posted on 03-22-13 4:24 PM     [Snapshot: 2327]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I had a feeling that he will be a changed man.. lets hope so
Posted on 03-22-13 4:49 PM     [Snapshot: 2344]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Slackdemic, good one. then he sould be called "SARDAR" not "SARKAR" he he


Posted on 03-22-13 5:22 PM     [Snapshot: 2380]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 If he's really changed and he were to be forgiven for his deeds......

He would go back to Nepal, surrender himself to the authorities for killing a civilian, undergo due process, serve the jail sentence (perhaps join a rehab at the same time), get out and serve the interests of Nepal (or his family)...

OR else,

he's just another crook  that got away with a lot of crime as he was untouchable under the royal rule.

Posted on 03-22-13 6:02 PM     [Snapshot: 2412]     Reply [Subscribe]
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is he still in bangkok?
whats his latest status.
Posted on 03-22-13 8:52 PM     [Snapshot: 2515]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Kiddo calling someone Sarkar is individual right but criticizing someone's individual right is not very democratic. It is individual right to drink pepsi, coke or water, if you think it's individual right to criticize a person for drinking their choice drink then you have to reconsider the meaning of individual wrong attitude.

Snurp, maoists who have buried people alive and killed thousands of people in daylight are roaming free in Nepal, protected by Baburam Bhattarai. Paras' case was an accident while those murderers are roaming free under government protection. Accident could happen to you, I hope you will learn to forgive yourself if it happens to you. Do you know how many percentage of accidental killing are forgiven by even the court?

Dayasagar thank you for asking. Paras Sarkar is in good spirits. God bless him.

Posted on 03-23-13 1:46 AM     [Snapshot: 2675]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I don't think you understood the meaning of democracy. The two things you compared are definitely not similar, but they are both democratic. If somebody is not allowed to criticize a person or principle then it is not democratic.
Posted on 03-23-13 1:01 PM     [Snapshot: 2828]     Reply [Subscribe]
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The whole argument Paras and his fans present is " Maoists are bad too and thus we should be allowed to be the masters of Nepalese again"

Two things to understand here.

First one being....The concept of "Sarkar" is a 14th century concept. No modern world should have a King and his people. There should be citizens and they should be their own master regardless of how good they are at being their own master.

Secondly, at a personal level, Paras is just a loser, he leaves a beautiful wife at home and fks around other trashy woman (whores) around the world. This man has no consideration for his kid and his wife and is all about his personal happiness. When he enjoyed the Royal protection this guy would pick up a fight with the locals and beat them up. He would just do whatever he wanted in the clubs of KTM and if he was challanged he would get Royal Nepal Army to beat the crap out of the locals. Don't forget the incident in Chitwan when he took the RNA to beat up the whole village. Who knows how many other Paras crimes there are that Royals were successfully able to hide when they were in power. Lets not even talk about the known murders and the rapes that he got away with and the conspiracy of Royal Massacre.

Right now Paras fans are trying to justify their crimes and wrongdoings pointing at Maoist crimes and wrong doings but one day Maoists will be at where Royals are right now and there will not be other worse people to compare with.

Posted on 03-23-13 1:15 PM     [Snapshot: 2852]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Kiddo if you want to keep going around in circles then you are free to do that. But if you want to ctiticize the criticizer and someone criticizes you it becomes a never ending loop so if you go back to the initial question and ask if you should have the freedom to follow your religion. Then you tell me if you criticizing someones individual rights or not?

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