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 Which is your best football ( soccer ) league ?
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Posted on 09-25-16 10:42 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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My reactions !!!

Premier League ✔️😍
Spanish Liga 👍🏼
Italian Seri ✌🏼️
German Bundesliga 🙂
French Ligue 1 😐
MLS soccer 🤔

Posted on 09-25-16 5:54 PM     [Snapshot: 109]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Why EPL is best for you? Can I ask?
Posted on 09-25-16 6:17 PM     [Snapshot: 128]     Reply [Subscribe]
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How can MLS make it to the list of best leagues? If MLS is the list, NNL should also be listed.
Posted on 09-25-16 6:23 PM     [Snapshot: 125]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Simply, it just that I grew up watching EPL, ( I used to follow Spanish and Serie A at that time too) but my attention caught on EPL since I started watching . There are so many clubs like Leeds United, Fulham , Porsthmouth, Bolton Wanderers which I'm waiting to see on Divison A. It's not that I do not give interest on other leagues, I watch it overall ( at least highlights) , but I give much emphasis on English side, even though they do not have good performance on uefa league or cup. I like competition within EPL and moreover it's that ; I may be familiar with all of the clubs unlike other Spanish, Italian or German , which I assume I know only top ones/popular ones. I do not want to debate on or I want to say EPL is the best one, I know others like Spanish , Italian or German or French Legaue too. It's all good.
Posted on 09-25-16 6:26 PM     [Snapshot: 135]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@ny2 staying in America , I at least try to follow scores and news of MLS, like what is happening ...

I have not said that above list are the best leagues ,  I am asking you guys " what is your best one" , those are just my reactions over the leagues ! Please say and share what's yours !!!

Last edited: 25-Sep-16 06:54 PM

Posted on 09-25-16 9:18 PM     [Snapshot: 236]     Reply [Subscribe]
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for me its EPL. One of the reason behind watching epl is every game is unpredictable compared to other leagues where top 1 or 2 clubs are always winning. Leicester run and title win was historic last season. Another reason might be the pace and intensity of the game which I feel epl is good at.
Posted on 09-25-16 10:05 PM     [Snapshot: 266]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Right, it is one of reasons why I like EPL , see West Ham is on the bottom right now but when they play with top teams, it's always a threat , it is exciting and unpredictable, like you said.
Posted on 09-25-16 10:22 PM     [Snapshot: 271]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Definitely EPL. In premier league any team can beat any other team on any given day. And there are many title contenders. Like @robwin said, last year Leicester City's championship run was historic. But same cannot be said about other leagues. In La Liga, its either Madrid or Barcelona (sometimes Athletico Madrid). Bayern and Dortmund in Bundesliga. Lets not even consider Ligue 1. PSG won last season by 31 points ahead of their second best team in the league. I don't really follow Serie A to be honest. IMO, EPL is the most exciting league of them all.
Posted on 09-25-16 11:28 PM     [Snapshot: 287]     Reply [Subscribe]
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La Liga is the best. It's not my opinion, it's the fact. La Liga is technically superior to any league.

1. EPL is pseudo-competitive. It's a league of mediocre teams, which are of similar quality. So, it seems competitive. Leicester winning the league last season shows how poor is the league overall. Otherwise, EPL is also won by any of, at most, 3-4 teams every year (City, Chelsea, MU).

2. You guys do not watch la Liga much, I know that from points you are making. La Liga also has become very unpredictable. Just look at recent results in la liga: Atletico drew first two matches against two recenlty promoted teams, one of those same teams beat Barca at Camp Nou. RM drew both Villareal and Las Palamas. Barca lost league in 2013/14 season because of Levante.

3. The narrow point difference past few seasons shows how tight has la Liga become. It's just the quality of top 3 is exceptional, otherwise mid-table teams, such as Sevilla, Villareal, Athletic Bilbao, Celta, and Valencia are very good teams. Lower table teams like Eibar, Espanyol, Real sociedad etc. are very good too. They can easily beat lower table, if not mid-table EPL teams.

4. Any of top 3 La liga teams will win EPL every year. I am not kidding. Even mid-table la liga teams will give a run for their money to top EPL teams. Mid table la liga > mid table EPL. Just look at performances in Europa league. Sevilla can beat any EPL team on their day.

5. Technically, EPL is very poor. They just kick randomly and run rampantly. They are very uncomfortable to keep the ball. Look at la liga, even bottom teams like Elche or Levante play technical football and are very comfortable with ball possessions. I try to watch EPL but I find it very uninteresting. I can only watch Liverpool or City.

TBH, EPL is better than La Liga in terms of refereeing and distribution of TV money. EPL also has better marketing.
Posted on 09-26-16 12:42 AM     [Snapshot: 324]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Leicester City managed to win the league last season because every top team underperformed. If anything, an average team like Leicester City winning the league should epitomize on how far behind has Premier League found itself in terms of quality.

City, Chelsea, United all performed significantly poorly.

EPL teams don't compare to La Liga teams in terms of quality. Forget the top 3 teams, Athletic Bilbao, Villareal, Sevilla, Deportivo La Coruna, Valencia all have a number of top players that would walk into most Premier League teams.

A simple observation between duels between La Liga and EPL teams over the past 6-7 seasons should give you an idea about the difference in class between teams in the two leagues.

And the less we talked about winners of CL and Europa/Uefa Cup during the same period, the better.

Teams like Barcelona, Sevilla, Athletic Bilbao, Real have repeatedly abused Premier League teams.

People often think La Liga is an easy walk in the park for three teams but they often ignore the fact that all 3 teams have ranked among top 5 clubs in Europe over the past 3/4 seasons.

Premier League teams seem stronger this season with the arrivals of Pep, Mourinho, and Conte but the purpose of bringing up strength of Premier League gets defeated when you consider the fact that Chelsea and United didn't even qualify for CL.

Posted on 09-26-16 1:27 AM     [Snapshot: 345]     Reply [Subscribe]
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La liga definitely has upper-hand against EPL when you look at the results. however take a look at head to head table and you will see the dominance of Barcelona. just proves the point that barcelona and real madrid are superior to majority of spanish teams. I would still say EPL is better because of the competitiveness, raw pace and unpredictability it brings. 

Last edited: 26-Sep-16 01:37 AM

Posted on 09-26-16 4:52 AM     [Snapshot: 374]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Fanatic, "predictability" means f*** all, man. I mean, Bolt and Phelps being so dominant doesn't really make 100/200m and swimming events less exciting.

Would you much rather watch Pacman beat the crap outta some average boxer or two random hobos simply because the latter duel is more evenly matched? I'd much rather watch Real Madrid thrash Granada or Malaga as opposed to a team like Chelsea getting whopped by Watford.

In most cases, people rooting for EPL as a better league mistake dire performances with competitiveness. Teams like United, Chelsea, and City that have spent nearly a billion dollars in purchases in recent years have massively underperformed. I wouldn't get deluded into thinking that they got outplayed despite playing at their best.

Look at Rooney at United. He's been an average footballer since 2011. It's the hype that's led people to believe that he still has a lot to offer. Teams like Real, Barca, or Bayern would've sold him 3 years ago. And the result? United have repeatedly underperformed because despite his lack of performances, he finds himself in United's XI.

Players in La Liga possess better skills/flair. Not to mention, the best always opt for Real or Barca. $$ is the only reason that players have started moving into PL.

Most "top" players in EPL in recent years have been rejects. Di Maria only came to United because he was seen as a surplus. Toure got displaced by Busquets and when City came calling with a great offer ($$$$$), he didn't hesitate. Sanchez and Ozil were two other top EPL players that only moved to Arsenal because they were deemed surplus.

Posted on 09-26-16 7:26 AM     [Snapshot: 428]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Interesting: EPL
Better/Best: La Liga, Bundesliga followed by EPL
Posted on 09-26-16 10:11 AM     [Snapshot: 482]     Reply [Subscribe]
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The commentators also makes interesting in EPL , they got the class. I cannot stand with the beIN and Fox commentators and they broadcasts Spanish, German ...
Posted on 09-27-16 8:24 AM     [Snapshot: 559]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I think this thread is more about "your" best league rather than "the" best league.
I think its more about perspective rather than getting into stats and history.
I follow premier league. I barely watch la liga bar el classico. But I don't like to jump into the debate that I watch EPL because its the best league in the world. I just watch it. I might enjoy any other matches in other leagues but dont have time. That doesn't mean they are not good teams.

I think claiming this league or that league is superior above others would be very tight if we take out Messi and Ronaldo out of picture.
Guys I think comparing two leagues is just like debating on who is better Messi and Ronaldo. People who enjoy and appreciate football might go on claiming Messi is better than Ronaldo or vice versa but they wont and should not demean other because they are both immensely talented.
My point is may be la liga seemed to be technically superior than epl that doesnot mean epl is "league of mediocre teams" as seeker77 has mentioned. You can't deny the fact that EPL is able to attract more attentions.

The reason I am commenting on this thread is some of you guys are just throwing arguments because you can. It just seemed to me that making your voice louder does not make you genuine.I really find it so hard to digest some of the arguments you guys have put forward to prove La liga is superior. I mean, 'riddle' seriously, "Pacman beat the crap.." , what a load of crap are you trying to explain. Would you watch Brazil scoring dozens of goals against Nepal or Nepal vs Afganistan? How much technically superior it may be it is still a two horse race not even three horse. It had happened in the past and it will happen in the future. Its either barca or RM. Last time Atletico Madrid won the title, it was still decided in the last match against Barcelona. My point is people lose interest when the game became predictable. But I am not saying EPL is better than La liga. There might be other reasons that are subconsciously affecting my interest.
People are rooting to epl because they are mistaken for their dire performance to competitiveness. Did you just started watching soccer from last season? Why did you mention "Rooney" I still don't get it.
"And money is the only reason players are starting to go to EPL" Really?? I think same can be said about Real Madrid who are repeatedly breaking the world record transfer fee.
Look at the salary of Barcelona? how much they are paying thier players so that they won't leave. But still they don't pay taxes. Irony!!

Anyway guys we can argue and disagree with each other. My advise: Enjoy football. Don't demean what others like as there is no sure way to prove who is better than others. what matters are the matches when they play each other.

Posted on 09-27-16 11:06 AM     [Snapshot: 600]     Reply [Subscribe]
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LOL ipman. You are a typical EPL fanboy with typical excuses. So, Leicester won one EPL out of the blue and you are saying anyone can win EPL? Show me which team won EPL in past 5-7 years besides Chelsea, MU or city? Even 4rsenal and L'Pool can't win. FYI, Valencia won twice and La Coruna once in early 2000. And, both of these teams ran deeper into UCL then.

La Liga is not about just Messi or Cristiano. It is full of immensely talented players. See, players like James, Isco, Vietto, et al are bench players. They are by default starters in EPL in any team.

What happened last time when Sevilla faced L'Pool? Barcelona will thrash any team in EPL like they do to La Liga minnows. I am not kidding. Man city were very lucky in the UCL 2014-15 to just concede 3. Hart was in Superman mode that match who saved city from humiliation. Barca are head and shoulder above any team bar, may be, Bayern or RM.

If you think EPL teams are not mediocre just look at their performances in European competitions, like riddle said.
Posted on 09-27-16 11:43 AM     [Snapshot: 623]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I watch EPL, so for me EPL is the best league.
Posted on 09-27-16 1:32 PM     [Snapshot: 648]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sometimes I feel like to move to England, can anybody from there please give some info on living style, condition , economic background, situation over there . Or if anyone from here are familiar with the places from there, that will be great.
Posted on 09-27-16 8:10 PM     [Snapshot: 727]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ipman, I loved how you tried to portray yourself as a rational football fan and then nitpicked on my post.

Did you seriously compare Barca/Real abusing other spanish teams to Brazil thrashing us? You admitted yourself you barely watch La Liga. I reckon that in itself speaks a volume on whether you should even comment on anything related to La Liga.

What do you mean by take Messi and Ronaldo out of La Liga? What about Neymar, Suarez, Busquets, Kroos, Griezman, Modric, Koke, James Rodriguez, Isco, Turan? All world class footballers. I haven't even mentioned a single footballer from other teams. And there's an abundance of talent in average teams in the league.

Someone asked a valid question on which league could be considered the best and football fans are merely stating their own thoughts. TIf you wish to engage in a discussion, you're welcome. You can't nitpick on others' post and pretend like you're a football fan and don't wish to engage in a discussion.
Posted on 09-27-16 8:12 PM     [Snapshot: 730]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Atomic, watch Skysports' coverage on La Liga, man. Listen to Gerry Armstrong, Rob Palmer, Terry Gibson, and Kevin Keatings instead of clowns ike Ray Hudson.

I do agree that commentary makes a huge difference.

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