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 ##केटा हो ,*Monthly* कती *SAVE* हुन्छ ? ##

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Jay Pashu pati nath
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Posted on 09-14-11 9:52 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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मलाई साह्रै दिक्क लगिसक्यो , पैसा नै शेभ हुँदैन धेरै , कसरी के गर्ने होला । साथीहरु ले कती शेभ गर्छन् भन्ने सुन्न मन् लाग्यो ।
मेरो निम्नानुसार छ ।

Monthly Income (After Tax)------> ($1100*2)= $ 2200

Rent-----------------------------------> - $550
Car Payment------------------------> - $300
Insurance----------------------------> - $75
Food/Grocery------------------------> - $200
Gas-------------------------------------> - $100
Miscellaneous-----------------------> - $100

Total Expenses (Montly)------------> $ 1,325

Total Savings (Monthly)========> $ 875
or NRs. 63,000 per month.
ie. (12*Rs. 63,000) = 7,56000 (रु. सात लाख छपन्न हजार मात्र) YEARLY

१० बर्ष पछी रु ७०,५६००० हुन्छ तेस्ले एउटा घर पनि आउँदैन नेपालमा ।
लौन साथीहो सुझाब दिनु पर्‍यो । कसरी कमौने हो पैसा

The postings in this thread span 3 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 11-05-11 7:49 AM     [Snapshot: 3593]     Reply [Subscribe]
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छोटो मिठो : खोजिमेली एकै छाक ।

खर्च - आम्दानी = रिन । 

Posted on 11-05-11 4:55 PM     [Snapshot: 3788]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Earnings: $ 3000/month
Expenses 1500/month---------
---------------------Savings 1500/month

Posted on 12-18-12 9:17 AM     [Snapshot: 5771]     Reply [Subscribe]
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income after tax $7000
expense $3000

saving $4000

Posted on 12-18-12 9:19 AM     [Snapshot: 5781]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Congratulations on resurrecting a dead thread, show off.
Posted on 12-18-12 9:28 AM     [Snapshot: 5802]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nobody talks about their incomes like Nepalis. I never seen one American ask someone elses salary or divulge it. It's either miserable Nepali who asks about others salary because he is miserable about his income or by a show off who wants to show off how much he's making to others.

Bottom line, Nepalis are big show offs.

Posted on 12-18-12 10:00 AM     [Snapshot: 5802]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Net check after all taxes, health insurance,
Net check -------6,000 (4 weeks)
Rent ---------------800
Food --------------300
Car insurance--- 50 (used car fully paid cash)
Internet ------------ 50
Miscellaneous -200
Total expense--1,500

Total Saving ----4,500

Total saving  yearly - 4,500 x 13 = 58,000
My own income from Nepal ~       12,000
(not parents)
Total income yearly------------------ $70,000

Plenty of money for vacation. No tension of mortgage and other bills. Instead of that nice long vacation every year.

For my retirement fund Yearly $1500 all employer paid plus 5% interest on cumulative balance, not a penny from my pocket.

American dream.

Last edited: 18-Dec-12 10:24 AM

Posted on 12-18-12 10:01 AM     [Snapshot: 5819]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 This thread is a good inspiration.
Posted on 12-18-12 10:15 AM     [Snapshot: 5925]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Monthly Income: 5200 (approx after tax)
Rent:       400 (rent, electricity, internet)
Grocery: 120
Phone:      80
Insurance 33
Car               0 (paid off)
Home          0 (Not bought yet)
Gas            150
Miscelaneous: I dont know differs every month. 
Total: 788
Saving: 4412

But over last 2 years, I saved in average of $3400 per month in fact. 

Posted on 12-18-12 11:43 AM     [Snapshot: 6041]     Reply [Subscribe]
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mno ,
नेट income नै $६००० हुने तर rent चै जम्मा $८०० मात्र अनि yearly saving नै सत्तरी हजार dollar हुने निकै राम्रो रैछ भनेको त .................लास्टा मा American Dream रे | हसायो  मित्रले |

tesko  baje ;
"Miscelaneous: I dont know differs every month " रे | Miscelaneous भनेकै तेस्तै होइन र भन्या ? तर range त हुन्छ नि | अनि येसो हेर्दा मित्रको average miscellaneous खर्च नै $1012  हुन्छ जस्तो छ | टोटल fixed expenses भन्दा  भन्दा miscellaneous धेरै | लास vegas तिर खुब जाने गरिन्छ जस्तो छ |

Posted on 12-18-12 1:38 PM     [Snapshot: 6225]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Income : 4500/month (after tax) Reg. Day Job
Income: 2500 avg./month Trading
saving/month: 5350

Posted on 12-18-12 1:51 PM     [Snapshot: 6248]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@Nepalilaure: Differs bhaneko range nai thaha nabhayera ho, kunai bela haptai paichchhe nange club pani gainthyo (vegas tira chai hoina, yatai ko local, tara paisa udna ke samaya lagchha ra khoirini lai kakhama nachauna thalepachhi), kaile sathi harulai bhetna aru state gainchha, kaile kai mainai bhari gharai thacharinchha, so sukko kharcha hudaina. tyasaile maile 2 barsako average rakheko. 
Posted on 12-18-12 8:19 PM     [Snapshot: 6542]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Monthly Income (After Tax.)------> ($1600*2)= $ 3200 (Both)

rent----------------------------> $free
Car Payment------------------------> $420
Car Insurance-----------------------> $80
internet, phone-------> $60
Gas(Auto)----------------------------> $100
porn site subscription------------>$60
Hookers and beer ----> $500
misc----------------> $280

Saving = $1700 (plus bonuses, special pay, $60000 for education 'n $2500 everymonth without working for 3 years)
Posted on 12-18-12 10:14 PM     [Snapshot: 6678]     Reply [Subscribe]
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rent kasari free bhayo texas ranger?

Posted on 02-11-13 4:55 PM     [Snapshot: 7455]     Reply [Subscribe]
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नेरु मा : सरकारी कर्मचारी तलब : २० हजार अफिस मा हुने अतिरिक्त आम्दानी : १ लाख देखि माथि हुन्छ साधारण तया घर : आफ्नै त्यस कारण घर भाडा तिर्न न पर्ने घर खर्च : ३० हजार ( निकै महँगो छ काठमाडौँ मा ) गाडी को किस्ता :- ३५ हजार रेस्टुरा खर्च : २० हजार भै परि आउने खर्च : ४० हजार बचत : -१० हजार भन्दा (रनात्मक ) बाच्न गारो छ नेपाल मा पनि.....
Posted on 04-08-13 10:13 AM     [Snapshot: 8311]     Reply [Subscribe]
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monthly income: RS 20,000 (Government job)
Bhrastachar: RS 1,0000000 - more than that (monthly)
three houses in kathmandu monthly rent income: 500,000

food: RS 50,000
club: 1,00000
casino: 5,00,000
others: 10,00,000

saving: more than Rs 83,70,000

Janta ko baal matlab

Posted on 04-08-13 3:48 PM     [Snapshot: 8548]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Number of views of this thread is too big. Is this the highest viewed thread or what? Already more than double views for this page than sajha page likes on's magnetic power and our attraction towards the same -At work! In fact, money feels like honey for a poor ones like me.Its good feeling and its alright.
Last edited: 08-Apr-13 04:48 PM
Last edited: 08-Apr-13 04:50 PM

Posted on 02-20-14 10:13 AM     [Snapshot: 10116]     Reply [Subscribe]
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5000 after tax( per month)

expenditure (in avg)

resturant-food-grocery( i don't drink by the way) -300
shopping -300
phone -40
home mortgage= buda le tircha -

4000 K  per month

for budeskaal=401 K 

tesaile sathiho belamai padera ramro job garera basna parcha....ghanta hana lai priority na di kana...

Posted on 02-20-14 11:26 AM     [Snapshot: 10187]     Reply [Subscribe]
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income = +2200(after tax)
apartment = -900
utilities = - 200
phone = -75
car loan and insurance = -300 +(-125) = -425
health insurance = -120
gas = -200
grocery = -280
miscellaneous(ghumgham, strip clubs, casino, cigar and taquilla shots and bud light) = -1100

total saving = -1100 that goes to credit history.
back home bau ama lai maile hernu pardaina..baulai amale herchin, ama lai baule..

Last edited: 11-May-14 04:35 PM

Posted on 04-04-14 2:15 PM     [Snapshot: 11257]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Just opened an IRA account to lower my tax liability for the tax year 2013, do your math if there is saving or not.
Posted on 07-31-20 5:19 PM     [Snapshot: 38067]     Reply [Subscribe]
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के को saving हुनु भाई एउटा नया घर हानेको अबको २ वर्ष सम्म saving 0 हुने वाला छ फेरी मलाई त पैसा भयो कि stock हान्न मन लाग्छ
होउ यो saving त नाभाकै ठिक मलाई त । ( नभए पछि यसै भन्नु पर्यो )

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