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 Anyone into Stock Market?

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Posted on 01-12-06 8:53 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Just wondering if there are any active investors who are playing the stock market among us here in sajha. I am a rookie investor myself, so it would be nice to share a few thoughts, ideas, and tips with those involved in it. From what I have seen in America, owning your own business or being an wise investor is the only way to build wealth. Well you can always hit the jackpot lottery but what are the odds? Investment, Stock Market, and all the financial jargons related to them can be overwhelming and intimidating for first time investors, even more so if you are an immigrant. So, I hope we can make this a knowledge sharing platform to help those who are interested in learning more about investment and stock market in general. And for those of you who have no interest in stocks or investment at all, here is why may be you should reconsider. We all know about Dell computer and chances are at one point or another we have all used it. If you had spent $5,000 on Dell stocks in 1998 your return as of today would be over $133,000. Or how about ebay? I know I use it for buying and selling time to time. If you had spent $5,000 on ebay in 2003, guess how much would be the value of your stock today? In less than 3 years your $5,000 investment today would be worth over $47,000 today. Now I am not saying it's a sure thing because you can lose money in the stock market as well and that is why you need to be wise and do your research. So, if we have interested folks, we can make this a way to help each other in a small way. Thanks.
Posted on 01-12-06 10:24 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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start with Benjamin Graham's classic book "the intelligent investor" and "securities analysis"--its a Quran for anyone involved in stock market or investment.
Posted on 01-13-06 9:55 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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This sounds very interesting. I think it's about time that we hear it from the Sajhaities who are threading the un-chartered water for almost all the Nepalese populace. I would definitely love to learn few tips. For me though, simulation investment is the only available option for now. Have been doing it for past year. Hukka and Kale, share your experience please. Thank you. IndisGuise:)
Posted on 01-13-06 10:28 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Motley fool, anyone? Would love to hear your opinion on them.
Posted on 01-13-06 10:29 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 01-13-06 3:18 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yes kalebhut, "the intelligent investor" i hear is the bible for those who want to learn about investment. That was the first book my mentor recommended when I started generating interest in stocks. So, I would highly recommend that book to everyone, even if you are not an investor. It is an easy read and explains things in plain English. Gives you a lot of insight on how the rich keep getting richer in America and how you can get your share of "pie". Chatmandude, I do subscribe to Motley fool and I have learned more about stocks from their publications than any others. I have their recommendations for stocks you should buy for 2006, including their hidden gems (stocks usually priced under $5 - $10 per share). So, if you or anyone else is interested, I would be glad to put that in here (it's in .pdf fromat so will have to think of a way....hmm). IndisGuise bro, investing and stock markets can be really fascinating as well as thrilling once you get into it. Glad to know you are interested (as a side note, I think if we Nepalis shift our passion from politics to investment, I bet there would be more number of Nepali Millionaire than Nepali politicians....know I mean lol). Not sure what kinds of tips and ideas you are looking for but I can share a few from my own experience. I should point out again that I am rookie at this myself. When investing and buying stocks you need to think either long term or short term, but most financial advisors will say a sound portfolio would have a mixture of both. After long term short term, you need to think high risk low risk stock. High risk will have high rewards and low risk comes with low reward. For most when investing, age is a big big big factor. I am in my early 20'ss so my portfolio has a lot of cheap stocks, which are high risk and high reward. If I were in my 40's, I would have the low risk strategy. One good thing about starting investing as early as you can is you can start out with very little principle. Anyone in their 20's, can start with anywhere from $2,000 - $5,000, as it should be a solid starting investment. There are plenty of stocks priced at under $5 per share and if you do your homework and do your research, there is high potential for reward....you are young so you can take chances and you should. BTW lalpari, what was your "yes" for? Motley fool or stocks? Either or, would be nice to hear more from ya. Alright folks, thats about it for now....comments, questions, suggestions are always welcome :-)
Posted on 01-13-06 3:50 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hukka bro, Heaps of thanks for the info. "(as a side note, I think if we Nepalis shift our passion from politics to investment, I bet there would be more number of Nepali Millionaire than Nepali politicians....know I mean lol). " --------------> :) On the retrospective, don't you think being a politician has been a fast track to become a multi-millionare. Nepal indeed pays high price political service;) hahaha. Now moving on to the heart of the matter, I have always been interested in these kind of investments. Matter of fact I had bought decent stocks in Nepal almost seven years ago of some bank, the value of which has skyrocketed now (when I inquired almost 2 years ago) making my kid sister rich for her age, none of which she wants to share with me lol. Ke garne ajkal ko bacha, aafule kindiyo aba jiskera malai alikati de na paisa pachi bhanda risayera sabai lag re. LMAO. Anyways, I do have very minimal information by default, as the nature of the place I work in has significant interest in the stock market. Perhaps the very age factor you mentioned and due to lack of bling-bling, I am more drawn towards high-risk, high-reward pies with the price of the stock on the lower end. It would be awesome if we could research, let us say, 5-10 different options and brainstorm here and perhaps invest even as low as $1000-$5000 and beyond as the case may be and see how we get the hang of it. I can perhaps get some info to share as well. Can you suggest few stocks that you think are suitable for low investment for now? Your information is very much appreciated. IndisGuise:)
Posted on 01-13-06 4:07 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I started out with $2000 cash and went through the 9/11. After the dust was settled I was left with $10000 net. Now it has again risen to $60k. All telecom and IT. Too late to invest in energy, probably. Also was burnt in that dot.com bust, so not very interested in stocks. I'm palnning to invest heavily in real-estate? Any suggestion, comments?
Posted on 01-13-06 4:30 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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hukka_nepali, I too have been thinking whether I should subscribe to Motley Fool, but am wondering if it's worth the commitment. So, you think they are as good as they say? Oh yes, can you email me their 2006 recommendations, the pdf document you were talking about? My email address is ichatmandude@yahoo.com Thanks Chatmandude.
Posted on 01-13-06 5:08 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Loved Benjamin Graham's " the intelligent investor" new version with comments. Montly fool is aite. They mostly talk about what you should have done a year ago or 5 years ago Same thing hukka bro mentioned above. if you had bought $5000 worth of delll 5 years ago How about what we should buy NOW not 5 YEARS AGO. Personally, I am more interested in what stock to buy now.
Posted on 01-13-06 5:21 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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magdadela, I think it is too little too late to invest in real state. You can tell that by looking at how real estate giants like toll house brothers are doing. Its stock was trading for more than $100 about 4 months ago, now you can get it for $35. If you are thinking about buying a house to live in. You are never late to do that. But if you planning to buy a rental property, you won't make much after paying high property taxes and interest on the mortgage ( although interest rate might go more higher in near future)
Posted on 01-13-06 5:34 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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If investing in stocks were a surefire way of becoming wealthy, everybody in America would be wealthy. 80 million Americans invest in the stock market. I lost 30% of my original cash after the company in which I invested went bust after a few days I put my cash in it. Had I not pulled out, I would have lost all of it because the company filed for bankrupty. Lots of insider's transactions were going on. Should have been a signal to put my money somewhere else. Waited too long coz I thought it was gonna jump back up, but it just kept going downhill. The income statements and balance sheets looked fine and dandy. Sure, it was on the negative side, but the company was a large-cap company and I thought it wouldn't be a problem to break even. They were scamming us all along. Us shareholders pay the price when this sort of sh1t happens and CEOs just get a slap on the wrist and they walk out scot-free with no consequences for their actions. The American market place is full of Enrons that don't abide by the rules. Bottomline: Stock market is just a big gamble. There's no way you can predict which stock will fare well and which won't. It's better just to invest in a company that pays dividends. I haven't made money by dabbling with stocks as of yet.
Posted on 01-13-06 5:36 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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On paper, sure, one can say that if one had bought Google stocks, one would be doing pretty good. But as we all know, hindsight is 20/20.
Posted on 01-13-06 5:36 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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hey nice to see few more folks interested in here. Way to go on your investments magdadela!!! u_day bro, you are correct about Motley boys because they do like to do a lot of comparisions from their recommendations from previous years to the value of that stock today. But they do recommend you what stock you should purchase for the coming here. Sometimes, its a hit and sometimes it's a miss...so it's up to us investors to have a feel for which one we should buy and which one we should be watching out for. I just like the fact that they give you few names out there and it's something to get you started rather than starting from zero on your own. I am trying to attach Motley's recommendations for 2006 stocks that just came our earlier this month...so hopefully that will helpful. IndisGuise bro & Chatmandude, I will get back to you guys later..gotta get outta work. I couldn't attach the motley fool's 06 recommendations here.
Posted on 01-13-06 5:41 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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For everybody with extra money to invest ,don't forget your 401K. If your employer matches it is free extra money. Max out your 401K and ROTH IRA . Real estate is downhill now.You might profit in future in tech stocks. Thay are coming back big. Stock investment look very profitable but they can burn you if don't know the timings. Plus capital gain taxes are heavy.
Posted on 01-13-06 5:46 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Let me say this: Cramer is a frigging douchebag. That guy has given me hell for eternity. Don't listen to that limpwristed scum. He's probably hyping it up to increase value of his own portfolio. After he dumps all his shares when stocks peak, he probably dumps them all. Then he shorts it so he can make some more dollars. These are people who can control the market at the drop of a hat. We're just puppets and they're our masters is the way I see it.I don't trust motley fool or anybody else. I'll follow my own instincts from now on. Sure, Warren Buffet got rich by investing. He created his own company to do this thing. I tried day trading for a while. It doesn't work, trust me.
Posted on 01-13-06 5:47 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yes, Hukka please attach Motely fool recommendation. Let's see what they have to say. LOL!
Posted on 01-13-06 7:26 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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If you want to know the basics of stock's without subscribing or spending money on books try Investopedia.com for basic lingo's and some nice tutorials and tips on investing..... Happy making money :P
Posted on 01-13-06 10:15 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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thugged out! kramer's show is fun to watch, not to listen to. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Posted on 01-13-06 10:35 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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hana, ko ko bull's eye pare, ko ko bear pare karum.

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